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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - March 31st, 2010.
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New items added today at Blooming Direct

Cauliflower All Year Round  Hybrid x 200 seeds
Cauliflower All Year Round Hybrid x 200 seeds £1.49
Perfect for the Grow Your Own generation! Grow your very own Cauliflowers from seed. Vigorous, quick to maturity, attractive well rounded curd. The leaves are very tasty too!

Brussel Sprout Franklin F1 x 40 seeds
Brussel Sprout Franklin F1 x 40 seeds £1.49
This is the sprout for fans of Peer Gynt F1, a much improved 1st early variety which produces a high yield of round-oval sprouts, very reliable and with good flavour. Give it a try!
Cabbage Sherwood x 50 seeds
Cabbage Sherwood x 50 seeds £1.49
Produces round, quality ballheads that weigh approx 1kg. Heads have a short core with an excellent sweet flavour. Tolerance to alternaria and othe rleaf spot diseases. Holds well in the garden until required.
Carrot Early Nantes 5 x 2000 seeds
Carrot Early Nantes 5 x 2000 seeds £1.49
Everyone loves home grown carrots and that is exactly why we have added them to our range this year. This particular variety is early to mature and stores well after harvesting.
Broad Bean 'Bunyards Exhibition' x 50 seeds
Broad Bean ‘Bunyards Exhibition’ x 50 seeds £1.49
Popular and versatile, for autumn and spring sowing, 6-8 white seeds per pod for large crops. Full of flavour.
Broccoli Purple Sprouting x 500 seeds
Broccoli Purple Sprouting x 500 seeds £1.49
Extremely hardy, this well-proven variety provides a succession of delicious tender shoots. One of spring’s great tasting treats and very nutritious.
Cabbage Savoy 'January King 3' x 500 seeds
Cabbage Savoy ‘January King 3’ x 500 seeds £1.49
An old favourite with superb flavour. Reliable cropper, stands well in all conditions. This variety is very frost hardy and stays in good condition for weeks. It is great tasting with purple tinged heads.
Pea 'Ambassador' x 325 seeds
Pea ‘Ambassador’ x 325 seeds £1.49
Large crops of tasty plump peas, an improved ‘onward’ type. Resistant to powdery mildew and Fusarium, ideal for late sowings. Excellent source of folate, vitamin A and vitamin C.
Pepper Hot Cayenne x 60 seeds
Pepper Hot Cayenne x 60 seeds £1.49
Nicely spicy. Lots of small red fruits with just enough bite to heat and spice up stews, salads and stir fries. Eat as milder green or moderately hot red peppers. Best crops in the greenhouse, but also grows outdoors.