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In my garden today

by Sarah - May 4th, 2010.
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I’ve been clearing away the privet cuttings from shortening the hedge. A bold move taking a foot and a bit off the height, but we get more light in the late afternoons as a result which is good!

I’ve potted out my tomatoes – there’ll be a picture of them tomorrow – and a picture of my greenhouse heater. It’s an old one that I’ve got hold of. It takes paraffin and we’ve been outside lighting it so the delicate seedlings stay toasty warm all night. That’s the plan anyway!
The basil is coming through and the rocket is doing well too! The beans are looking good!

After I’d potted up the tomatoes a couple looked really wilted and dead – but this evening they look fine, so fingers crossed they’ll do well. I’ve got four types of tomatoes this year – some normal ones, some plum ones, cherry tomatoes and some giant ones. It’ll be interesting to see the differences.

Apart from a little watering of plants in pots waiting for their space to be dug over, I’ve done virtually nothing else. I did some weed killing, but that was very effortfree – see my post about roundup! I do have some stray raspberries to clear tomorrow – shoots appearing in the front lawn!