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How to kill slugs

by Sarah - May 5th, 2010.
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SlugsSlugs are a major pest to the vegetable garden. It seems like they’ll travel for miles to get to your deliciously young plants that you’ve just put in. It can be devasting to see plants scoffed overnight.

There’s a few things you can do to get rid of slugs in the garden.

You can use beer traps. This involves putting beer in a container and the slugs are attracted to the smell of the beer and get in for a drink. Once in they drown. A bit gross and not for the squeamish – you have to keep it clear of dead ones else they become a raft for the living… Told you it was gross… It’s effective and you can use very cheap beer. It’s also a good excuse for keeping a few tins in the shed incase of emergencies.

You can use slug pellets. These are a bit pricey and need regularly reapplying as they disolve in the rain and damp.

Another very gross one – You can go and kill them at night – either by chopping them up or applying salt. You can also mow the lawns in the late evenings – as slugs are active in the night-time then you can kill quite a few at night by just cutting the grass. The neighbours will think you’re mad and you might end up having an accident so we don’t recommend this one.

The most sensible way is to buy Nemaslug Nematodes: Slug Killer. It’s available in two sizes:
Regular Pack treats up to 40m²
Large pack treats up to 100 metres square

This simply needs watering in to your garden. Easy. Simple and the nemotodes do the hard work for you! It’ll last 6 weeks too!

Got to be worth getting just so you can see how much your garden can produce when you’re not feeding a hoard of slugs!