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Shed alarms from Yale

by Sarah - May 6th, 2010.
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Shed security kit from Yale

Yale may be best know for their locks and keys but they also produce other
items that help improve your home security. They sell several single room alarms
and these are fantastic products for protecting your home including outhouses,
sheds and garages.

These security devices are simple to fit to your garden shed, garage or any
other outdoor building that isn’t wired in to your main alarm. You could use
them in a shared house in your bedroom if you’re worried about people coming
into your room. They’ve been recommended many times on popular forums like MoneySavingExpert
forums as a simple and quick way of increasing security on your possessions.

Sheds are vulnerable to being robbed if they’re not properly locked, if they
don’t have adequate locks, and if they don’t have an alarm fitted. Not many
people would think of wiring in their shed into their house alarm so anything
that allows you to be more secure is great!

Their simple solution is a project pack to secure a shed, outbuilding or garage.
The kit contains everything you need including a standalone PIR with a loud
130db siren and a good quality brass padlock and hasp. This has everything in
it to protect your shed. Ideally you should fit a shed alarm when you have your
shed built – or if you move into a house with a shed, before you put anything
in it.

Locking up your garden tools is regular advice from the Neighbourhood Watch
team – things like spades can be used to force entry through doors and windows
so it is vital to lock them away securely. If you have the right sort of handle
you can thread a bike lock though them, but it’s really much easier if you keep
your shed padlocked.

With the average shed contents having a surprising value of £2000 then
it really does make sense. Having to claim on your insurance makes it more expensive
– so secure that shed!

Yale Single room alarm

Buying one of these kits – the SAA5010
Single Room Alarm
– gives you a great quality product from one of the best
known and trusted companies in the Uk. The instructions are clear and easy to
follow. You can either have the alarm hung on a fixing or have it freestanding
on a shelf. You have to be able to put the code in within 10 seconds of setting
it off so you need it somewhere near the door. It has a handy indicator light
to tell you when the batteries need changing – this is good as it means you
should always know to change them.
This shed alarm has decent sized buttons which will make it easier to get the
right buttons to deactivate it. The alarm needs unscrewing before the batteries
can be removed so there’s no chance of someone being able to do that quickly
with it going off, especially with the 130db noise it emits!

The Yale single room alarm is very clever and can be paired up with other units from this range.
Up to 3 of the units that have sensors and sirens can be operate
as a single unit. It can be paired with additional sirens or the Door Contact
Alarm. The single room alarm is in a very smart white finish that has a glossy
look. It’d look fine in any home and will be of use to many people needing a
simple alarm system especially in perhaps places where there’s no time or length
of stay for installing a proper system. It will be of interest to students,
holiday makers and anyone needing a quick installed and cheap alarm!
The SAA8011 can be teamed up with the Door Contact Alarm version which is code
SAA8012 and the extra sirens SAA8021 as well as a remote keypad SAA8031. These
all can be teamed up to make quite a complex but easily installed alarm kit,
this is the brilliants of the Touch and Link system.
This system could also be used to alarm a garage or shed too – and you could
team it up with an additional siren in your home – the range on the wireless
on these alarms is 25m which should be more than enough for most homes.

All these yale alarms are portable and can be taken away on holiday for use
in caravans or used by students in shared accommodation. They offer good value
for money and will provide peace of mind. These alarms are essential tools in
the fight against crime. All gardeners with sheds should have one fitted and
ensure they always set it and lock their shed up!