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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - May 8th, 2010.
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New items today at Blooming Direct

'Weeping fig' - Ficus Benjamina
‘Weeping fig’ – Ficus Benjamina £14.95
Found growing in the wild in the tropics, the Weeping Fig is naturally a very large and invasive tree, bearing small orange fruit. In the home, the Ficus makes a stunning plant which can be potted on to grow to almost any size required. This plant loves constant warm temperatures and plenty of indirect sunlight but is very easy to care for.

Musa Basjoo - Dwarf 'Banana' Plant
Musa Basjoo – Dwarf ‘Banana’ Plant £14.95
This dwarf variety of the popular Banana Tree makes a great addition to the home or garden with a maximum height of only 5 feet. If you choose to plant your Musa outdoors then their thick shiny leaves will hold up well in the wind, but the plant will need to be fleeced in the colder months. However, this dwarf Banana plant makes a stunning house plant and a real statement in the home. A well looked after plant will even treat you to small hands of edible fruit!
Tomato Leaf Candle
Tomato Leaf Candle £6.95
Bring the scents of the garden into your home. Gorgeously scented indoor candles with the heady aroma of tomato leaf. Each candle is contained within a beautiful, natural garden green, frosted glass and burns for over 20 hours.