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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - May 8th, 2010.
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Crocus just added these new products

3-tier-plant-stand-etagère £39.99
This 3 tier plant stand is made of stained, untreated spruce, so it will weather naturally and is best kept in a covered area outside. It has a strut at the back which folds out to prop up the stand and it comes with six galvanised pots, so you have everything you need to create an instant herb or flower garden. Stand size: 52cm height x 28cm width x 51cm depth Pots measure approx: 8.5cm tall x 10.5cm wide

the-english-garden-magazine-subscription £30.00
Save £10 on a subscription to The English Garden magazine.Join over 60,000 subscribers worldwide and enjoy the very best in English gardening. Each of the 12 monthly issues bursts with breathtaking pictures of glorious gardens, along with expert planting tips, plant profiles and imaginative design ideas. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own garden, or simply wish to delight in some of the loveliest gardens in Britain, you will be enchanted by this award-winning magazine.
coolaroo-3.0m-triangle-party-shade-sail £29.99
Coolaroo Party Sails are ideal for adding some colour and flair to your next barbecue, picnic, games room, or birthday party. They are also great for use indoors in children’s play areas, or bedrooms.Size: 3m x 3m x 3mFeaturesMade using Coolaroo’s famous polyester-weave fabric It blocks upto 90% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays Colourfast so will not rot, mildew, shrink, fray or tear Easily fixed using existing structures or attached to timber or steel polesCan be cleaned with mild detergent and water Fabric also ‘breathes’ to allow cooling air circulationThe Sails are light shower resistant but not waterproof as there is small gaps in the fabric that are designed to disperse heat upwards. Remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes Available in three colours: clockwise from top left -(swatch being updated) 1-year guaranteeHow To Install your Coolaroo Party Sail Party sails are intended for temporary use only oustside , but can be easily fixed from existing structures or attached to correctly installed steel or timber poles. All sails come complete with a grommet in each corner, along with snare lines to tie them up.
plantain lily
plantain lily £8.99
Position: cool shadeSoil: best growth results are achieved in moist, fertile soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: pale lilac flowers appear in August and last for several weeksOther features: foliage cuts well for floral arrangement Hardiness: fully hardyAlmost exclusively shade-lovers, Hostas are principally grown for their valuable foliage detail over the spring and summer months. Their planting versatility enables use as ground cover in a border, or as an understorey to shrubby plantings, or equally they make handsome specimens to grace a garden planter. Hosta ‘Devon Green’ is a chance sport of Hosta ‘Halcyon’, forming dense, medium sized hummocks of heart-shaped leaves. Being dark in colour, their highly glossy surface throws into relief the distinct mid rib veining. Lily-like flowers of pale lilac appear in high summer.Garden care:Surround plants with a ring of crushed eggshells to offer protection from slug damage.
cow parsley
cow parsley £8.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: well-drained soilRate of growth: fast Flowering period: May to JulyHardiness: fully hardyBillowing umbels of tiny, white flowers top finely divided foliage from mid spring to early summer, creating a charming, ethereal quality. A short-lived perennial or biennial that is ideal for naturalised planting schemes or meadows, where it can be allowed to set seed freely.Garden care: Support with brushwood or link stakes in spring before the flowers appear. In autumn cut it back to just above ground level and apply a generous layer of mulch around the roots.
spurge £7.99
Position: partial shade Soil: moist, well-drained garden soilRate of growth: fast growing Flowering period: June to July Flower colour: orange-yellowOther features: white-veined, dark green leaves, Hardiness: fully hardyWhite-veined, dark green leaves with purple margins and orange-yellow early-summer flowers. This spurge looks great in a planting scheme based on hot, vibrant colours. The unusual, colourful leaves contrast well with bronze or purple foliage plants, such as the dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ and Cimicifuga simplex ‘Atropurpurea’. Garden care: After flowering remove the faded flower-heads. When working with spurges always wear gloves since the milky sap is poisonous and a potential skin irritant.
mountain rue
mountain rue £7.99
Position: partial shadeSoil: moist, humus rich soilRate of Growth: slow to averageFlowering period: July to SeptemberFlowers: whiteOther features: leaves & flowers are good in flower arrangementsHardiness: fully hardyFluffy sprays of white flowers on upright, green stems above clumps of fern-like, grey-green leaves. This light and airy perennial is perfect towards the back of a herbaceous or mixed border. Best grown in moist, humus-rich soil, both the dainty foliage and flowers contrast well with the coarser-leaved plants usually grown at the back of the border.Garden care: Stake using ring stakes or brush-wood before the flowers appear. Cut back the stems to the ground after flowering. Add a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost around the base of the plant in spring. Lift and divide congested plants in spring.
wild ginger
wild ginger £6.99
Position: cool shade or partial shadeSoil: prefers humus-rich soils which do not dry out in summerRate of growth: moderate with good spreading capacityFlowering period: March to April. Most floriferous following a warm summer in the previous yearFlower colour: reddish purpleHardiness: fully hardyRobust and reliable groundcover plants, offering attractive foliage effect in shady places. Asarum europaeum has been valued and cultivated as a medicinal herb since the 13th century and is more tolerant than other varieties of the cooler British summers. These low, spreading plants have sweetly pungent roots which give rise to their common name of ‘hardy ginger’. Exotic hooded purple-red flowers on 12cm stems appear in the spring nestled under glossy rounded leaves.Garden care: A low maintenance plant requiring only a light mulch of leaf mould or garden compost every one or two years to maintain soil fertility.
Columbine £6.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: fertile, moist, but well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: May-JuneFlower colour: whiteOther features: finely divided grey or blue-green leavesHardiness: fully hardyA strong growing columbine with nodding pure white flowers on upright stems. These appear in late spring and early summer in clusters of 5 -15 and have long spurs which can grow to 8cm in length. These long spurs are said to have evolved as a way of attracting pollinating insects.Garden care: Sow seeds in containers in a cold frame as soon as ripe or in spring, but they hybridise freely so they may be different to the parent plant. Remove spent flowers to prevent seed production if no new plants are wanted. Plants are sometimes short-lived so may need to be replaced every two to three years. Contact with sap may cause irritation.