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Cold nights in May

by Sarah - May 10th, 2010.
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Two leaf seedling stage of carrotIt’s nights like these your plants will appreciate a fleece cover if they’re delicate! Or a greenhouse heater!
It’s probably going to be frosty tonight across the UK so I hope your plants are all ok. I’ve got nothing outside that’s particularly fragile but I have got a lot of tomato plants in the greenhouse.

Have been investigating the price of paraffin and comparing it to electric heating. It seems mad almost to heat such an uninsulated space – and I suppose many people do actually use bubble wrap in their greenhouses – but at the cost of light.

Today’s picture is of carrot seedlings just coming through! Just goes to show that they look just like lots of other plants seedlings even though they grow up to have completely different leaves! We’re growing two types of carrots – some Early Nantes and some Chantenay carrots.