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SB Plant Invigorator

by Sarah - May 16th, 2010.
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SB Plant Invigorator

This is a new product and is an environmentally friendly, growth gtimulant and pesticide for use on all ornamental and edible crops!

250ml of this amazing concentrate makes up to 25 litres of dilute spray – so it’s amazingly concentrated. It’s suitable to be used all year round and pests will not become resistent to it.It helps improve plants leaf colour and vigour. Great if you have little storage room for large containers of plant food – this small bottle will sit under the kitchen sink!
You need to store it out of direct sunlight above 0c and below 30c – so not in the shed or greenhouse. It’s safe to use without gloves though – but as with everything if you have sensitive skin avoid contact and wash your hands after use.

SB plant Invigorator10 ml concentrate to 1 litre of water – you get a measuring cap with it to ensure you measure out the right amount. 10ml is two teaspoons – not a lot – so you know it’ll go a long way. I’m a keen fan of ensuring different plant foods are kept in different watering cans. So decide which one you’ll be using for this and use only that to water it on. It’s just a minor safety precaution to take – label it so you remember. It’s a good habit to get in especially when it comes to weedkillers which could be devasting if you got that mixed up with plant food.

You can apply with a fine sprayer – but avoid flowers which may have their colour affected. Apply to all leaves top and bottom on a weekly basis. Avoid very young seedlings though – especially in very hot sunshine as they may get damaged by the liquid being heated by the sun.

No harvest interval means you don’t have to stop using it before you can eat the crops you’re growing.