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Sea Weed Extract Foliar Feed

by Sarah - May 16th, 2010.
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sea weed plant foodSea Weed Extract Foliar Feed – Sea Weed Extract Foliar Feed
This is a small fat tub of magic! It contains lots of different elements and nutrients that plants use. Several allotmenters near me believe this is the bee’s knees!

It’s a powder and comes with a tiny little scoup to measure out the right amount.The dilution ratios for different stages of plant growth are listed on the tub so you don’t lose the instructions. It’s easy to mix – just add water and give it a quick swirl round.

* Contains over 60 naturally occurring trace elements and nutrients
* Soil and foliar application for easy absorption
* Stimulates plant growth, productivity and cell renewal
* Increases plants’ own defences against pest and disease attack
* Super concentrated – so that a tiny scoop goes a long way!
* 100% soluble – makes up to 1500 litres

I’ve used this in a two litre watering can – so had to alter the amounts accordingly – but if you have the right size watering can for your plants you can make it up directly as it says.

This is recommended for the potato growing kits but can be used on any other plants and seeds. Just make sure you dilute it properly.