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Glass plant watering bulbs

by Sarah - May 17th, 2010.
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Handblown glass plant watering bulbsThese pretty glass hand blown bulbs come as a set of 8. They are self watering devices for potted plants. As long as it’s not going to freeze you can use them outdoors in pots too so they can look fantastic on the patio.

There’s some instructions that come with them reminding you that these are made from glass and need a little care when you put them into the plant pots. It says to make a hole first and then put them in. This certainly makes sense as many pot plants will have a matted root system that will be hard to push through.
As they are self watering it’s important to start with a plant that’s been watered recently. If you put them in a dry plant then they will just empty out really quickly and you’ll think that they’re not working properly. When your plant is watered right to start with they will top up the water the plant needs.

Glass plant watering bulbsThe pack of 8 consists of blue, green and red ones and a pair of multi-coloured ones. They can be used together in one pot if it’s big enough, small plants might be happy with one but bigger plants will need two or even more.

They are very pretty to look at. As they are handmade they will all be different. They are great for gifts too – so if you know someone with a conservatory packed with lovely plants then these will be fantastic.

The bulbs are easy to fill and I’ve used a wooden spoon handle to poke a hole into the soil on my pot plant and once you’ve turned the bulb over pop it into the hole quickly. The bulbs are different sizes – each colour has a big one which is 35.6cm (14″) in length, and a small bulb measuring 20.3cm (8″).

Set of 8 Hand Blown Coloured Glass Self Watering Bulbs for Plants are available now at QVC

Getting the bulbs inserted right takes a little care. I’ve found that a slight angle helps and having a freshly repotted plant with lots of nice soft compost really helps too. Some older bigger plants are too solid with roots to make it easy to insert them, but in a big pot these blubs look really lovely.

If you find they release all the water too quickly then see whether tha plant was properly watered, whether the bulb was in at a slight angle – is the angled end be facing upwards and pushing into soil?

Being able to use them outdoors on your patio or even in your greenhouse means you can add a splash of colour to pot plants. The are delightful to look at and they glint in the sunshine too. They are very pretty and cheerful and would look great in a conservatory or on your windowsill in all your plants. Mix and match the colours, or pair them up. However you arrange them they are sure to look lovely!

These look great as the afternoon sun streams through the coloured glass and you appreciate how lovely they look – and better than that they’re also watering your plants for you.

Experiment to see how many you need in larger plant pots! Repotting pot bound plants will also make it easier to use these in fresh compost – and encourages you plant to grow more!

BeautifulHand Blown Coloured Glass Self Watering Bulbs for Plants at QVC