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Grass cuttings

by Sarah - June 8th, 2010.
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Grass Cuttings – what to do with them

For the most part we all mow the lawn without thinking about it. Many of us collect the grass cuttings up and put them in the council’s green garden waste bin without thinking about it.

What we should be doing is putting the cuttings on our own compost heaps! If your garden is big enough to have a lawn, then it should be big enough to have a compost heap. Put in the grass cuttings along with hedge trimmings, weeds and any vegetable peelings and old tea bags that leave the kitchen!

Making compost at home is a great idea and you can help enrich your garden without any cost other than the initial outlay for the bin. Although compost bins are available at a reduced cost through your local council.

When the grass is being trimmed and the cuttings are only an inch or less in length then you can safely leave these on the grass. They will fall to the ground and quickly be turned into a mulch layer on the soil. This helps conserve water and as the grass breaks down it will also feed the soil.

For longer cuttings though, or when the grass seems to be damp, put these straight on the compost heap. A collection unit on your lawn mower makes this easier – as raking up is hard work!