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Lawn care basics for autumn

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Everyone knows what an evergreen tree is, but most gardens have an evergreen in them that’s on the ground not up in the air! A lawn could be considered an evergreen!

A lawn needs fairly regular care and attention if it’s to look good. It’s easy for an unkempt lawn to quickly get out of control and look very scruffy. Even a neglected lawn can be turned around though. One of the most effective weed controls is to mow it regularly. Grass likes to be cut. It responds well to being trimmed regularly and it’ll do it’s best to outgrow the weeds.

Some weeds need removing. Any weeds that take over a patch of grass need cutting out. You can use weed killer but I always believe it’s best to use as little poison as possible in the garden. Weeds can be cut out either using a special tool or just use an old dinner knife to cut them out. With daisies the root is general spread out in a small area but will remove easily. Dandelions send their roots down and so a long knife can cut away at the weed and remove much of it. If you remove too much soil replace it with a mix of soil and grass seed. This helps the grass fill in the patch before annual weeds get attached!

That’s one reason why weed killer is a bad idea – it can remove the weeds but then leave bare patches where other weeds will flourish. Many of the annual weds are very opportunistic and will do their best to appear!

Remove dandelion heads even if you don’t dig them out. It’ll stop them spreading. Send them to the tip or burn them – but don’t put them on the compost heap as they will be viable seeds within no time at all!

In the autumn you often have to be quick to get the last mow in before the grass gets too wet. It’s worth making the effort though to have a tidy lawn all winter. Trim off any edges that look messy. Use a string to get a straight line. It’ll look smart! If you’re going an arc then use a string but fixed to a point and work round the arc of a circle with the half moon tool to get a perfect curve. It’s a nice trick and gives great results.

You can buy autumn feed for your lawn and it’s worth giving it a treat to help it through the winter! You can also aerate your lawn at this time of lawn using a hollow tine aerator or some other sort of spike. Autumn feed is specially for this time of year as it’s high in phosphates and potash. This will help strong roots to develop, which will produce healthy leaves – rather than a spring fertiliser that will be ended to encourage lush growth!

A heavily shaded lawn can become mossy so thin out any trees of hedges to allow the sunshine through. Aerating these areas is worth doing too as the extra air in the soil helps dry the surface more prevent it from getting a grip. Brush a sandy mix into the holes after.

Remove the thatch by raking. It can be strenuous work even with a springy rake but worth doing. Some people use the moss for hanging baskets – but I’ve never tried it! It’s fine to put the moss on the compost heap.

When it’s frosty or snowed then do not walk on the lawn.

Remove leaves regularly on dry days and put them in the leaf bin to rot down.

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Grass cuttings

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Grass Cuttings – what to do with them

For the most part we all mow the lawn without thinking about it. Many of us collect the grass cuttings up and put them in the council’s green garden waste bin without thinking about it.

What we should be doing is putting the cuttings on our own compost heaps! If your garden is big enough to have a lawn, then it should be big enough to have a compost heap. Put in the grass cuttings along with hedge trimmings, weeds and any vegetable peelings and old tea bags that leave the kitchen!

Making compost at home is a great idea and you can help enrich your garden without any cost other than the initial outlay for the bin. Although compost bins are available at a reduced cost through your local council.

When the grass is being trimmed and the cuttings are only an inch or less in length then you can safely leave these on the grass. They will fall to the ground and quickly be turned into a mulch layer on the soil. This helps conserve water and as the grass breaks down it will also feed the soil.

For longer cuttings though, or when the grass seems to be damp, put these straight on the compost heap. A collection unit on your lawn mower makes this easier – as raking up is hard work!

The perfect lawn

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

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Perfect lawn

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

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