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New products at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - July 17th, 2010.
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New products today at Garden Centre Online

Party Tent / Small Marquee Gazebo 3m x 6m (10ft x 20ft)
Party Tent / Small Marquee Gazebo 3m x 6m (10ft x 20ft) £69.99
Easy to assemble 3m x 6m Party Tent. Includes all steel poles and covers for tent. The 3m x 6m Party Tent Marquee consists of a steel frame and cover made from polyethylene material. Windows are included on both long sides of the structure Waterproof polyethylene plastic covers All 4 sides can be rolled up, or brought down to provide an enclosed party tent Can be extended by joining multiple tents together 6m (20ft) wide, 3m (10ft) deep and 2.7m (9ft) high to top of roof. Fantastic for weddings, parties, outdoor dining, picnics or just having fun in the garden. Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for any prevailing weather conditions in which this product is used.

Bayer Garden Long Lasting Ground Clear
Bayer Garden Long Lasting Ground Clear £5.99
Alternative solution to sodium chlorate for season long control. Unique system broad spectrum residual weedkiller, used to clear not only overgrown areas of the garden but also woody ornamental shrubs and trees such as roses and on gravel paths and drives. Keeps weeds away for up to 4 months. New simple soluble sachet application – no measuring required.3 sachet packContains glyphosate, flufenacet, metosulam.
Wildflower Woodland Mixture
Wildflower Woodland Mixture £2.89
Perfect mixture to make the most of awkward shady places. Flowering year after year, helping to attract wildlife. 48in/120cm 1gm S: March – May and August – October F: May – September
Wildflower Hedgerow & Verges
Wildflower Hedgerow & Verges £2.89
Much loved natives of British Hedgerows and open spaces. Produces flowers year after year, brings verges to life. 48in/120cm 1gm S: March- May and August-October F: May – September