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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - September 1st, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added these new items

Dutch Iris Bulb Collection
Dutch Iris Bulb Collection £15.85
This new ‘Beauty’ series introduces some more unusual and flamboyant colour combinations to what have perhaps been seen in the past as the rather staid white yellow and purple seld colours of traditional Dutch Iris. Collection consists of 12 Bulbs each of: Cream Beauty – Rich yellow markings on the falls contrast nicely with smooth creamy white standards Gipsy Beauty – Methyl-violet falls and blue-grey flags we think “simply sensational” is a more appropiate description Golden Beauty – Sheer depth of colour in the petals of this selection makes it a big improvement on a normal yellow Dutch Iris Oriental Beauty – Pastel colours in fine Chinese silks this tri-coloured variety is well name. Silver Beauty – Coolest of co-ordinated colours mark this one as maybe being the best for cutting to display by itself. SAVE £4.00 with this superb collection!

Strawberry Plant Duo Pack
Strawberry Plant Duo Pack £14.25
SAVE £3.00 with two of the best strawberry plants to crop over a long season. Collection consists of 12 plants each of: Strawberry Mae – Outstanding early variety with large firm sweet fruit. Grown under cloches it will begin to crop in mid-May. Cambridge Favourite – A well known and reliable cropper in all sorts of conditions giving plenty of medium sized fruits.  
Tulip Ice Cream - Double Late
Tulip Ice Cream – Double Late £9.95
Seldom has a variety been more appropriately named this with its inner petals rising above the outer ones like a scoop of gelato in a wafer thin cone! 
Currant Bush Duo Pack
Currant Bush Duo Pack £9.90
SAVE £2.00 with all the currants you need for jams jellies and more. Duo Pack consists of 1 bush each of:  Blackcurrant Ben Sarek – Growing into neat compact bushes about 3ft high. These are strong and frost resistant. Redcurrant Rovada – Produces a prolific crop of high quality large fruit of a good flavour up to 6in long strings.
Tulip Orange Princess - Double Late
Tulip Orange Princess – Double Late £7.95
Fabulous variety with well-defined flaming and veining in the petals. The double form of ‘Princess Irene’.
Lily martagon
Lily martagon £7.95
Lime tolerant and grows well in sun or partial shade. Good variety for growing in light woodland conditions where it thrives in soil that has been regularly enriched with leaf mould.  
Setanta Seed Potatoes (Maincrop)
Setanta Seed Potatoes (Maincrop) £7.50
A superb drought tolerant variety with strong foliage and root system giving high yields with good flavour. Good storage variety with excellent foliage blight tuber blight and common scab resistant – suits organic production. Good for chips roast and jacket potatoes.
Lily regale
Lily regale £7.50
The heavenly perfume that envelopes the large funnel-shaped flowers as dusk descends has to be one of the most alluring of all the scents during a stroll around the garden in the early evening. Will thrive in full sun in any soil.
Tulip Flaming Spring Green - Viridiflora
Tulip Flaming Spring Green – Viridiflora £6.95
A sport of ‘Spring Green’ and even more remarkable with prominent contrasting flames searing through the petals.