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Price reductions at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - September 1st, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants has cut the price of this product

Potato Growing Bag Kit - 3 Varieties & FREE Fertiliser
Potato Growing Bag Kit – 3 Varieties & FREE Fertiliser was £12.95 now £9.95
The Unwins Grow Anywhere Potato Growing Bags! The perfect way to grow potatoes even if you have little space. What’s more for extra early crops start off in the warmth of a greenhouse and then transfer outside. Made to last from strong interwoven polypropylene with two carry-handles. The 12 drainage ports ensure ease of irrigation without risk of water logging. The Taster Gro-KitTM comprises of: 3 Potato Grow Bags (40 Litre Capacity) 5 tubers of Charlotte 5 tubers of Swift 5 tubers of Maris Peer See how to grow potatoes in grow sacks here!