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Runner bean seeds at Unwins

by Sarah - September 3rd, 2010.
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Runner bean seeds are available Unwins Seeds & Plants. You can get several different varieties. If you’ve grown them this year you should still be eating them!
A well prepared plot yields dividends when growing runner beans.
Dig a trench and line with newspaper and pour in lots of half rotted compost and vegetable peelings. Do this in January. Cover the soil back and then plant the beans in this area – two to a pole – as directed on the packet. The compost continues to rot providing a good base for the plants. It’s vital to water them regularly too! The more water the better!

Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia Plants
Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia Plants £6.95
All the benefits of modern stringless beans but on dwarf bushy plants. The pods are held above the ground to avoid disease and remain clean. Suitable for growing in a container on a patio or growing in the flower border.

Runner Bean White Lady Seeds
Runner Bean White Lady Seeds £2.99
White lady is faultless in all respects. Most importantly it has the thickest most succulent and tender pods we have ever tasted! It’s a strong grower and a wonderfully heavy cropper. The flowers set readily whatever the weather and are less attractive to birds than scarlet types. A tip-top bean set to become a classic variety! Requires support.
Runner Bean Polestar Seeds
Runner Bean Polestar Seeds £2.99
A first class stringless bean! This red flowered variety reliably produces heavy crops of smooth fleshy stringless pods over a long period. Yields abundant crops of 25cm (10in) beans.Polestar retains its vigour and cropping ability right through the summer. Ideal for freezing. Requires support. 
Runner Bean Enorma Seeds
Runner Bean Enorma Seeds £2.99
Very aptly named with enormously long smooth slender pods up to 50cm (20in) long. It is early crops consistently well and produces very high yields with plenty of very tasty beans.
Runner Bean Red Rum Seeds
Runner Bean Red Rum Seeds £2.99
For a heavy crop of straight podded delicious runner beans this variety really takes some beating. The pods set under any weather conditions – a great advantage – so a worthwhile crop is virtually assured. Red Rum is also ornamental if grown up wigwams of rustic poles.
Runner Bean Galaxy Seeds
Runner Bean Galaxy Seeds £2.99
Galaxy is a scarlet flowered runner bean which sets its flowers readily whatever the summer weather! A bumper crop of succulent stringless pods through many weeks is therefore guaranteed. It is a vigorous grower and heavy cropper – a variety we thoroughly recommend. Ideal for freezing. Requires support.
Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor Seeds
Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor Seeds £1.99
Scarlet Emperor has been a favourite for decades which is no surprise. It yields long straight pods of excellent flavour. Sliced and blanched it freezes well to provide tasty out-of-season treats. Requires support.