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Sweet Peas at Unwins

by Sarah - September 3rd, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants have a huge range of beautiful sweet pea seeds for you to buy and plant. Sweet peas are fairly simple to grow and look so pretty – and you can pick them almost constantly to provide cut flowers for the house.
Growing them is easy – and you get a good start if you buy the root trainer pots at unwins and there’s also a great sweet pea book available too.
Buy as many pretty colours as you like! They will look stunning in your garden and can be grown up poles or through hedges.

Sweet Pea Old Fashioned Mixed Seeds
Sweet Pea Old Fashioned Mixed Seeds £1.99
These are the ‘grandiflora’ sweet peas so popular in Victorian times. They are smaller flowered than modern types and so dainty and simple in form. The delicious scent will transport you to a more romantic world.

Duo Magenta Sweet Pea Seeds
Duo Magenta Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
A real breakthrough in bi-coloured Sweet Peas. All the charm of the large flowered Spencer types plus a stunning colour combination. Each stem carries four well placed blooms.
Cathy Sweet Pea Seeds
Cathy Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
Named after the heroine of Wuthering Heights Cathy belongs to our Romantic series of Sweet Peas which hark back to the Victorian ‘grandifloras’ but have larger flowers and longer stems. This variety is rich cream in colour and heavily scented.
Jewel Sweet Pea Seeds
Jewel Sweet Pea Seeds £2.49
Excellent stem quality and flower placement are sure to make this recent introduction an exhibition favourite. One of the finest new Sweet Peas we have seen for a very long time.
Scarlett Sweet Pea Seeds
Scarlett Sweet Pea Seeds £2.49
A unique variety combining the old fashioned scent associated with grandiflora sweet peas and the flower size and stem length of modern Spencer varieties. In vibrant red the colour of romance itself it is sure to delight you.
Pulsar Sweet Pea Seeds
Pulsar Sweet Pea Seeds £2.49
Sweet Pea Pulsar has good sized wavy blooms with attractively marked flowers and a delicious scent. One of the prettiest sweet peas around!
Prima Donna Sweet Pea Seeds
Prima Donna Sweet Pea Seeds £2.29
Here is your opportunity to grow this old fashioned variety of Sweet Peas. Prima Donna has delicate pink blooms which are highly scented and makes an excellent cut flower or border plant.
Unwins Sweet Pea Special Choice Mixed Seeds
Unwins Sweet Pea Special Choice Mixed Seeds £1.99
An unbeatable blend of top quality Sweet Peas – all bred by Unwins so sure to please. The flowers are large and wavy the stems long and strong and the fragrance? Let no one tell you modern sweet peas have lost it. Grow them for yourself and savour that scent. Simply suberb!
Celia Sweet Pea Seeds
Celia Sweet Pea Seeds £1.99
Delightfully fragrant Celia is the perfect variety for both the garden and indoor use. This charming variety of Sweet Peas has cream buds that open to rich pink with nicely fragrant blooms.Free-flowering and strong growing it provides plenty of blooms for cutting.
Rosy Frills Sweet Pea Seeds
Rosy Frills Sweet Pea Seeds £1.99
One of the prettiest Sweet Peas of all! Deep cream buds shaded red opening to white with a sugar-pink picotee edge. The slightly wavy petals are richer pink on the reverse and have an old-fashioned charm in the vase or garden.