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Lawn damage caused by dry weather

by Sarah - September 5th, 2010.
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If you have lawn damage caise by dry weather then what is the solution?

Leave it alone apart from perhaps water it! In hot dry weather grass can appear very yellowed and scorched. It normally recovers well as soon as it’s started to rain again. If after a month of rainy weather it’s not recovered them it might well have died – but it does take extremes to do this – months of no rain.

If you want to help your lawn avoid being damaged then there are some hints you can use;

Don’t lay turf in hot dry drought weather.

Don’t lay turf during a hosepipe ban.

Don’t expect grass to look green during a drought.

After a prolonged period of dry weather the grass will stop growing.

Cut with the grass box off so the grass clippings can be used by the lawn as it’s own mulch.

Stop cutting the lawn in very hot weather.

Give it a water if you really must – but watering by hand is tedious and time consuming.