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Lawn damage caused by dry weather

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

If you have lawn damage caise by dry weather then what is the solution?

Leave it alone apart from perhaps water it! In hot dry weather grass can appear very yellowed and scorched. It normally recovers well as soon as it’s started to rain again. If after a month of rainy weather it’s not recovered them it might well have died – but it does take extremes to do this – months of no rain.

If you want to help your lawn avoid being damaged then there are some hints you can use;

Don’t lay turf in hot dry drought weather.

Don’t lay turf during a hosepipe ban.

Don’t expect grass to look green during a drought.

After a prolonged period of dry weather the grass will stop growing.

Cut with the grass box off so the grass clippings can be used by the lawn as it’s own mulch.

Stop cutting the lawn in very hot weather.

Give it a water if you really must – but watering by hand is tedious and time consuming.

Autumn Lawn Care

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Rolawndirect, leading suppliers of turf, topsoil, bark, lawn seed and lawn food

Depressing as it might seem it’s starting to feel like Autumn here. The last few weeks of rain have suddenly started getting colder and so I’ll start looking at Autumn Lawn Care.

Autumn Lawn Care

In theory cooler weather means the lawn grows less. Keep on top of it though if there’s a dry day to get out and cut it. Leaving it to go too long just makes it look terrible and it’ll stay wetter meaning a vicious cycle can start where it’ll never be quite dry enough to cut!

Autumn Lawn Fertiliser gives your lawn just what it needs at this time of year.

* Suitable for use on all lawns.

* NPK Fertiliser 4:10:5 + 1Mg + 2.5Fe + 0.5Mn

* Rolawn Lawn Foods contain:

o N Nitrogen – To promote thicker, greener leaf growth

o P Phosphorus – Strengthens the roots

o K Potassium – Strengthens the shoots

o Mg Magnesium – Protects against pathogens

o Mn Manganese – Helps roots resist fungal attacks

o Fe Iron – Promotes a greener colour

* For best results apply early Autumn, ideally just before rainfall, when the soil is moist.

* Avoid windy conditions and frosts.

* It is important that the product is spread evenly.

This lawn feed ensures your grass in a great condition to keep healthy and looking great. Essential in damp weather to protect your grass from the nasty fungus diseases out there.

If you start getting lots of worm casts them when they’re dry brush them across the lawn. The worm casts are just made of soil so are not harmful to your lawn. Worm activity is essential for a healthy lawn.

Keeping pets off the lawn – don’t let your pets foul the lawn. Supervise pets outside and ensure their mess is cleared up quickly as you would if you were on the street. A dirty lawn is unusable by humans for risk of eye damaging worms which can cause blindness.

Rake up leaves and put them in a special bin to rot down. They take longer than normal plant material so keep them separate.

Scarification is the removal of dead grass matter, roots and moss – it can be done using a spring-tine rake by vigorously pulling the rake through the grass sward. Electric scarifiers are also available for hire from local garden centres or DIY stores. It can be done in the autumn.