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Fruit and Vegetable offers at Thompson and Morgan

by Sarah - September 21st, 2010.
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New fruit and veg offers at Thompson & Morgan! Everyone should grow their own – onions and garlic are easy for beginners! There are loads of types of onions and garlic available – try growing some! You can plant garlic now for overwintering!

Strawberry : Sonata 12 runners
Strawberry : Sonata 12 runners £9.99
High quality, mid-season variety with uniform shaped fruits produced in abundance. Deliciously sweet and juicy and lasts well once picked without darkening in colour. Able to stand very hot spells and periods of heavy rain, with far fewer mis-shapen berries during the first and second pickings, making the crop easier and quicker to pick from mid June to late July.

Garlic : Autumn Planting : Iberian Wight 2 large bulbs
Garlic : Autumn Planting : Iberian Wight 2 large bulbs £3.99
A fortnight earlier than Albingensian to mature, producing large flat white skinned bulbs which grow almost on the soil surface. A ‘softneck’ variety having good storage from the Cordoba region of Spain. English production.
Onion : Autumn Planting : Shakespeare 1 pack
Onion : Autumn Planting : Shakespeare 1 pack £3.99
British bred variety with superb over wintering qualities and producing darker brown skinned bulbs than most varieties. Good sized bulbs, skin quality and storage. Harvest from early July. Pack size: 250g when packed, sets size between 17-21mm (approx 50 sets), or 14-21mm (approx 75 sets), dependent on weather, harvesting and grading issues.
Garlic : Autumn Planting : Albigensian Wight 2 large bulbs
Garlic : Autumn Planting : Albigensian Wight 2 large bulbs £3.99
A new introduction originating from SW France, in trials performing well from both Autumn and Spring planting. From Autumn planting the bulbs have excellent keeping qualities and store well into the New Year and into March. If you have never grown garlic before, make sure you separate the bulbs into individual ‘cloves’ before planting.