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by Sarah - September 21st, 2010.
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Great offers at Thompson & Morgan! And they’ve redone their site – so go and have a look at it! Very nice! These are best sellers! Fantastic offers available.

Salad  Leaves : Speedy Mix 1 packet
Salad Leaves : Speedy Mix 1 packet £0.99
A really quick growing mix for those gardeners who cannot wait! Salad Leaves Speedy Mixed produces a tasty blend of tastes, textures, colours and leaf shapes for sandwiches, salads and garnishes. Quickest during the summer months when Speedy Mixed will produce ‘salad leaves’ in about 25 days, but can also be sown all year indoors. Contents: Salad Rocket Victoria, Greek Cress, Mizuna, Mustard Green & Red Frills, Pak Choi Canton White.

Wildflower Collection 4 packets - 1 of each
Wildflower Collection 4 packets – 1 of each £5.49
Creating a colourful wildflower area in your garden is easy! Your garden will soon become a natural haven for wildlife, filled with a wide range of beneficial insects, like aphid-eating hoverflies and ladybirds, as well as various species of butterflies. Collection comprises 1 packet each of: Common Primrose Wild Cowslip Wild Flanders Poppy Sweet Rocket Alba
Blueberry : Full Season Collection 3 plants in 1.5L pots - 1 of each variety
Blueberry : Full Season Collection 3 plants in 1.5L pots – 1 of each variety £29.99
Extend the picking season with this new collection which comprises 1 each of Blueberry Brigitta Blueberry Chandler Blueberry Earliblue Blueberries are ideal for growing on the patio in a large container filled with ericaceous compost. You won’t get a much healthier food than blueberries, as they are packed with health boosting compounds making them a very popular choice with many dieticians. In the spring the bushes are covered in masses of sweetly scented creamy white flowers, which soon develop into green fruits before maturing into juicy blueberries. Then in the autumn their leaves change to a delightful crimson colour, making an attractive feature plant on the patio. T&M have carefully chosen varieties that are easy to grow and produce reliable crops for its gardeners throughout the season. Plants supplied as 1.5 litre pots will fruit 1 year after planting.
Pansy Cascading Balconita 8 jumbo plants
Pansy Cascading Balconita 8 jumbo plants £4.98
This plant will do what Surfinias did for petunias! The very best large-flowered pansy trailing performance we’ve ever seen, over the spring and summer months. Cascading Pansy Balconita produces a super abundance of large, showy blooms in a rainbow of colours. Trailing up to 24 inches, and often much more. Plants are perfect in Flower Pouches™, baskets and window boxes. Create the display illustrated with only 16 plants! Order Early – Limited Stocks.
Buddleja Buzz™ Half Price Collection 3 jumbo plants - 1 of each variety
Buddleja Buzz™ Half Price Collection 3 jumbo plants – 1 of each variety £14.99
Another world first; garden-friendly buddlejas! Dwarf Patio Buddlejas have flowers the size of usual buddlejas, but with plants half the size that won’t take over your garden! They are easy to grow and problem-free with long-flowering, bright flowers, loved by butterflies. Plants last more than 10 years. Collection comprises: Buddleja Buzz™ Lavender Buddleja Buzz™ Magenta Buddleja Buzz™ Ivory