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Easy fill hanging baskets

by Sarah - September 28th, 2010.
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Easy-Fill’ Hanging Baskets Garden Bargains Easyfill Hanging baskets

Each basket is a generous 14” (35cm) diameter and holds 12 litres of compost, allowing maximum root growth AND ensuring each plant reaches its full potential every single time. The ‘Lattice Gated’ planting holes take the guesswork out of how and where to plant and critically, allow you to plant from the outside in – so there’s no crushing or mushing of the roots and no tearing or bruising of the leaves!

Simply pass the root-ball through the hole, slide in the ‘Lattice Gate’ and lock into place. Once in position, the ‘Gates’ allow plenty of airflow ensuring the roots do not ‘sweat’. The result – rampantly healthy plants and an instant impact display that will grow in to a spectacular 3ft ball of colour!! Each basket holds up to 18 plants and is perfect for growing winter pansies, strawberries, trailing tomatoes or even herbs; use them throughout the whole year!

* Lattice gates make planting easier and allow the roots to breathe – no root damage, bruised foliage or sweating roots

* No liner required – no moss, no mess

* Integral reservoir in the base to hold water for better resilience during hot, dry periods or when you are away

* Made in the UK from heavy duty, recycled polymer

* Strong rust-proof ‘galvanized’ steel chain with 4 anchor points for better balance and less twisting – also with ‘T’ bar attachments for quick and easy application.

These are easy to use.

Start with the bottom layer of plants – this is four plants.Ensure there’s compost put in and put then plants through and then click the cage bit in place to secure the plants. This doesn’t damage the plants and is easy for them to grow through.

Mix in water retaining gel to the compost so it doesn’t dry out as much.

Top up with compost and then put the next 8 plants in.

Again the cages just clip over to stop them falling out.

Fill up again with more compost – pile it high so when it’s watered it’s still full!

In the top put 6 plants in.

Put in place and water well!