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Look after the lawn in Autumn

by Sarah - September 29th, 2010.
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Autumn Lawn care hints:

You can scarify the lawn – this means removing some of the dead material that acts as a mulch around the gras on the ground. This can be done with a spring tine rake (A bendy one that won’t damage the ground). You can also get scarifying machines for big lawns. You can compost all the stuff you rake out.
Next you can aerate the lawn. You can do this by spiking a fork into the ground at regular intervals. It allows the water to drain more freely off and prevents moss and slimey species taking hold. It won’t solve very bad watre logging but on a general lawn can help improve the condition. You can do it with a special hollow tine fork – some peopel suggest brishing sand into the holes after too.

USe autumn specific lawn food to feed up the lawn.
Repair the bad bits! If you have bare bits the kids have worn or the dogs have destroyed then plant a bit of seed now. Remember to prepare the patch first!
If your edges look straggly sometimes digging out a rectangle of lawn and turning it round so the bad bit is in the middle of the lawn then can help. It’s easier to repair a bit in the middle than an edge!

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