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Aerators for the lawn

by Sarah - October 7th, 2010.
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GreenFingers have this selection of lawn aerators. They’re designed to help you aerate the lawn in autumn to allow increased air flow into the soil and reduce compactation in the lawn.
You can aerate by two main methods. One is using a hollow tine that removes a small core of soil from the lawn or by inserting a solid tine and just creating a hole.
Aerating the lawn encourages the grass to grow deeper roots making it more healthy and able to survive dry spells. It also helps surface water drain away more quickly and this reduces the surface levels of moss and algaes that can build up on lawn.
Do not aerate a newly planted lawn – it will not be over-compacted anyway if it’s new. Do not aerate a very sodden lawn as it will just be muddy and the hollows will not stay solid. It could cause more damage to the lawn. A moist lawn is fine – as it makes it easier – but not after heavy rain.
Creating hollow spaces in the soil also allows fertilisers to get down to the root system too.
The microorganisms in the soil can also break down the thatch on the surface easier after aerating.
These devices are all used for lawn aerating. Pick the one that suits you best!

Lawn Aerator
Lawn Aerator £29.99
This easy-rolling aerator lets air water and nutrients reach grass roots for a greener more beautiful lawn. Complete with three piece tubular steel handle. Simple self-assembly. Breadth is 45cm from edge to edge and spikes are 2cm long the handle length is 109cm

Yeoman Rolling Lawn Aerator
Yeoman Rolling Lawn Aerator £19.99
With this Yeoman Rolling Lawn Aerator your grass and soil will be easily loosened and allowed to aerate. The Lawn Aerator makes this task easy
Yeoman Hollow Tine Aerator
Yeoman Hollow Tine Aerator £9.99
For problem areas of the lawn this device makes deep aeration of compacted soil easy. Simply push into the ground with your foot on the crossbar. Carbon steel frame with a powder coated finish. The prongs measure 15cm / 6.
Aerator Sandals - Pair
Aerator Sandals – Pair £8.99
If you want an easy way to aerate your lawn this these Aerator Sandals are a must! As you wander around your garden over the lawn why not strap these sandals over your normal garden shoes and let the grass and soil to be loosened and allowed to aerate at the same time!The metal spikes open air passages in compacted soil to help get water air and nutrients down to the roots helping improve drainage and the condition of your lawn.Dimensions: 15 x 5 x 34cm high13 x 5cm heavy duty metal spikes on each shoeStrong durable rigid plastic base with heel supportTough adjustable strapsAlternative strap positions for a comfortable fit