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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 7th, 2010.
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Reduced price on items today at Suttons Seeds

Verbena bonariensis Purple Elegance Seeds
Verbena bonariensis Purple Elegance Seeds was £1.45 now £1.39
Sprays of purple flowers on long, strong stems, producing a beautifully airy display that will last throughout the whole summer and autumn. Height 90-100cm (35-40″). HP – Hardy perennial.. Average Packet Content 190 seeds. Sow March-April. Flowers June-October (Year 2).. June-October. 91-100CM. . Ideal for beds and borders. Attractive to butterflies. Prefers full sun. A long-flowering perennial for the back of a border.

Agrostemma Snow Queen Seeds
Agrostemma Snow Queen Seeds was £1.75 now £1.69
The snow-white, dark-veined blooms of this enchanting variety are perfect for providing height and contrast to other border varieties. They’re loved by bees and are ideal for cutting too. Height 120cm (47″). HA – Hardy annual.. Average Packet Content 190 seeds. An imposing and easy-to-grow border filler. Sow direct outside March-May. Flowers June-September.. June-September. 101-150CM. . Ideal for beds and borders. Suitable as cut flowers. Prefers full sun.
Cosmea Rose Bonbon Seeds (Cosmos)
Cosmea Rose Bonbon Seeds (Cosmos) was £1.95 now £1.89
Full double, colourful flowers, in a beautiful intense rose-pink, are borne on strong stems. Effective in bold splashes and to add height to the annual border. Height 60-90cm (24-36″). HHA – Half-hardy annual.. Average Packet Content 65 seeds. Sow February-March under glass for flowers July-September, or March-May outdoors for late summer flowering.. . 81-90CM. . Ideal for beds and borders. Drought resistant. Prefers full sun.
Mimulus F1 Big Boy Seeds (Monkey Flower)
Mimulus F1 Big Boy Seeds (Monkey Flower) was £2.69 now £2.65
A superb, strong-growing variety, bearing magnificent, heat-tolerant flowers that are vibrantly coloured, elegantly marked and, because the plants are not sensitive to day-length, are produced over a long season. Height 23cm (9″). Grow as a HHA – Half hardy annual.. Average Packet Content 85 seeds. Easy to grow, lovely little plants which will flower in just 6-8 weeks from sowing. Sow February-May under glass in gentle heat. Flowers June-September.. June-September. 21-30CM. . Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Prefers full sun or partial shade.
Chilli Peppers F1 Apache Seeds
Chilli Peppers F1 Apache Seeds was £3.99 now £2.99
Neat compact plants bearing a prolific crop of medium hot green (turning to red) chillies. Grows to 45cm (18″) tall. Patio type. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Click here to see more growing information on Chilli Peppers F1 Apache Seeds.. Packet Content 6 seeds. Sow February-April under glass 18-21