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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - January 8th, 2011.
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Dobies reduced the price on these items today

Suet Pellets - 10kg

Suet Pellets – 10kg was £29.95 now £24.99
Suet pellets are an excellent nutritious bird food. Very high in fats and calories that the birds need so badly especially during the cold winter months. They are easily digestible that makes them so ideal for both young and mature birds. Our suet pellets have either added red berries for additional vitamin C (pink pellets) or added insectivorous proteins for increased energy levels (yellow pellets). Suet pellets are important for insect-eaters but most birds love them and even Wrens, Woodpeckers and Nuthatches can be seen at bird tables where suet pellets are offered! Ideal for both feeders and tables but can be fed from the ground. 14 Days

Mini Orchard Collection 3 Trees (1 of each variety) + 3 Tree Support Packs - ONLY £35.00!

Mini Orchard Collection 3 Trees (1 of each variety) + 3 Tree Support Packs – ONLY £35.00! was £39.95 now £35.00
WAS £70.00, NOW £35.00 – HALF PRICE! With our Mini Orchard Collection you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of three outstanding varieties for years to come.They’re British-grown, and grafted onto semi-dwarfing rootstocks to produce productive compact-growing trees that are ideal for the smaller garden. All three varieties boast pretty spring blossom. Please order by end of February 2010.Eating Apple Lord Lambourne – Once assessed by ‘Gardening from Which? as the best all-round British garden apple, this is indeed a superb self-fertile mid-season variety. The crisp, firm fruits are bursting with sweet juice! Ready to pick from September, they will keep well until Christmas! Grown on M26 rootstock.Plum Victoria – The nation’s favourite plum that is probably known by all. It’s excellent for pie and jam-making and also delicious eaten fresh from the tree. Self fertile and a good pollen provider for other varieties, it crops in late August and is ideal for freezing. Grown on St Julian A rootstock.Cherry Sunburst – Regularly voted ‘best in show’ at the National Cherry Show in Kent, Sunburst is a superb self-fertile variety from Summerland in Canada. It will produce a good crop of very large, dark red fruit that are mouth-wateringly sweet and juicy!Support stake, tie and tree guard pack – The stake, tie and guard you will need when planting any of our fruit trees. Each pack includes one 1.5m (5′) treated timber stake, plastic tie and spiral guard to protect the tree from rabbits etc. Full growing instructions included.