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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 22nd, 2011.
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New product at Suttons Seeds

Garlic Lover's Collection

Garlic Lover’s Collection £13.40
If you love garlic, why not grow a selection of bulbs so that you can savour the different flavours? This collection comprises 4 varieties of garlic (that’s 8 bulbs, 2 of each variety) which will give you dozens of tasty garlic cloves SAVING £3.00! Garlic from the ground tends to be much sweeter and tasty than the dried garlic you buy in the shop. The secret to growing garlic is to plant it now – an autumn sowing for a harvest next summer will result in better sized bulbs! As essential part of many kitchen gardens with excellent health benefits, garlic couldn’t be easier to grow; just divide each bulb into cloves and plant – each clove will give you a bulb next year. The Garlic Lover’s collection consists of both hardneck and softneck garlic:Iberian Wight – Semi-hardneck variety with an attractive purple striped skin.Solent White – Softneck variety that’s well adapted to the British climate.Plus two virus-free French varieties:Sultop – A superb high-yielding hardneck variety. Arno – A first-class softneck garlic.. Pack of 8 Bulbs (2 of each variety) – SAVE £3.00!. Full growing instructions included.. . . .