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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 22nd, 2011.
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New items at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Raspberry Canes-Tulamen (Main Season)

Raspberry Canes-Tulamen (Main Season) £18.75
Tulameen Main Season Floricane Exceptional Garden Variety Produces attractive and glossy conical shaped fruits of excellent flavour that have outstanding keeping qualities. The large tasty berries are easy to pick and will be ready from mid July well into August. Easy to grow and manage the tall fully hardy canes are almost spineless making picking a pleasure! Floricane Raspberries flower and fruit on the old previous season’s growth.

Blackberry Black Butte 1 Plant

Blackberry Black Butte 1 Plant £14.95
Produces The World’s Biggest Blackberries! This self-fertile fully hardy variety produces excellent fruits of exceptional size – reaching up to 5cm (2in) in length and 2½cm across (1in). An early season blackberry it produces a heavy crop of fruits ripening from miid July to mid August. Black Butte produces slender vigorous supple canes to give an open easy picking habit. The canes will need some support.

Grafted Tomato Sakura Plants x3

Grafted Tomato Sakura Plants x3 £9.95
Grafted Tomato Sakura -High yielding and one of the tastiest cherry tomatoes available Grafted Tomato Plants For Stronger Plants Higher Yields and Greater Disease  Resistance Many of us have small gardens with growing space at a premium which may mean that we can’t rotate crops as we would like.Grafting combines a hardy base plant highly resistant to soilborne disease grafted onto a variety with superior flavoured fruit. Grafted stems are held together with a clip until the cell structures knit together producing a strong disease resistant plant. Enabling you to plant in the same spot year after year. Grafted Tomatoes have been grown commerciallyfor many years because they: