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New products at GreenFingers

by John - January 25th, 2011.
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GreenFingers just added these new items

Boston Aluminium Reclining Chair

Boston Aluminium Reclining Chair £28.99
This attractive aluminium Boston Reclining Chair makes a great addition to your garden or patio this summer. With 7 reclining positions you will easily find the perfect one for you so you can relax all day long whether reading a book or letting yourself drift away.Usefully this chair also folds up making storage easy. This has a silver powder coated frame with black textylene seating – a great material for the British climate as should any summer showers strike this is very quick drying.Upright dimensions: 55.5 x 56 x 110cm highReclined dimehnsions: 55.5 x 102 x 86cm high

Bayer Foaming Wasp Nest Destroyer 300ml

Bayer Foaming Wasp Nest Destroyer 300ml £4.79
Destroy a wasp nest within 24 hours using the Bayer Foaming Wasp Nest Destroyer. Being stung by a wasp is a painful experience that can be life threatening to someone who is allergic to stings and may suffer anaphylactic shock. Reduce the risks by ensuring that the wasp nest is destroyed.Benefits:Can be used up to 3 metres from the nest Destroys a wasp nest within 24 hours Can also be used on ant nestsActive Ingredients: D-phenothrin and tetramethrinCapacity: 300mlFor use from May to SeptemberAlways read the label and use insecticides safely

Baby Bio Citrus Food 175ml

Baby Bio Citrus Food 175ml £2.99
This Baby Bio Citrus Food is the perfect feed for all types of citrus to yield a good crop.Benefits:Unique well balanced feedIncludes trace elements required for healthy plantsNo need for separate summer and winter versionsHigh in potassium for good flower and fruit productionFor use all year roundCapacity: 175ml

Smart Vent Solar Auto Vent 300S

Smart Vent Solar Auto Vent 300S £79.99
Helping reduce the build up of heat and condensation in confined areas and removing odours too the Smart Vent Solar Auto Vent 300S is a self-contained solar powered extractor fan. Ideal for boats caravans conservatories and greenhouses this vent offers silent and secure ventilation

Baby Bio Original Plant Food Ready To Use 2 Litre

Baby Bio Original Plant Food Ready To Use 2 Litre £4.19
Baby Bio Original Plant Food is now in a super large ready to use house plant feed that you simply pour on! Just pour on every two weeks when the plants are actively growing. Baby Bio provides seaweed and humus to your houseplants ensuring they receive all essential trace elements. It basically has all the plant needs for greener leaves and a vibrant colour. Easy to use handle bottle with measuring capGreat valueCapacity: 2 litres

Strike Hormone Root Dibber

Strike Hormone Root Dibber £2.49
This Srike Hormone Root Dibber is a great rooting stimulant for your cuttings. It works by enhancing the innate capacity of the stem to produce its roots both in greater quantities and quicker than might otherwise have been the case. Benefits:For use on all types of cuttingsHandy dibber capActive Ingredient: 1-naphthylacetic acidCapacity: 30g

Arbrex Seal and Heal 300ml

Arbrex Seal and Heal 300ml £2.83
Arbrex Seal and Heal is an organic solution that seals and heals pruning cuts on all types of trees. When a tree is cut the exposed wood is open to attack from damp frost and harmful organisms. This pruning paint comes with an easy to use brush applicator.Benefits:Protects against ingress of diseases and harmful pests e.g. coral spot silverleaf etc.Can be used down to -10

Greenfingers Loreto Leon Picnic Table

Greenfingers Loreto Leon Picnic Table £99.99
A beautiful piece of furniture this Greenfingers Loreto Leon Picnic Table is perfect for getting all the family eating together in the garden. Ideal for dining al fresco this sturdy picnic table also comes with a handy hole for the parasol. This picnic table is made from FSC certified Shorea balau which is often sought after due to its similarities to teak. The biggest attribute of this wood is undoubtedly its strength. It

Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets 50

Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets 50 £2.79
Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets are a slow release balanced feed to promote healthy growth of house plants. In a convenient tablet form you simply insert it into your compost for lush foliage and abundant blooms.Benefits:Rich in nutrientsHigh in potassium Each tablet feeds for up to 30 daysCapacity: 50 tablets

Baby Bio Orchid Food 175ml

Baby Bio Orchid Food 175ml £2.99
Baby Bio Orchid Food is the ideal feed for all kinds or orchids. Orchids have very specific nutritional requirements and although it is true that they can survive on very low levels of nutrition they will only reach their full magnificence if properly fed.Orchids should not be fed with general purpose plant

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