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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 25th, 2011.
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New items at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Lrg Flowered Gladioli Collection* (75 Corms)

Lrg Flowered Gladioli Collection* (75 Corms) £14.75
Buy the entire Large Flowered Gladioli Collection and save £10.00. The Collection consists of 75 Corms 15 of each variety: -Green Star-Unique lime green flowers simply stunning -Wine and Roses-Delicate pink with cerise markings -Rose Supreme-Beautiful pink blooms -Blue Frost-A beautiful lilac-blue with white frosted centre -Florentina-Lovely bicolour of pure white splashed with red. With their large showy flowers these are the most well known of all gladioli. They are superb for exhibition and are prized by florists and gardeners alike. They have very long flowerspikes and up to 7 florets reaching  10cm/4in in width and can reach the height of 90-120cm/3-4ft. They will thrive in fertile well-drained soil. Gladioli prefer full sun and plenty of water but will still grow successfully in partial shade. Lift the new developed corms in late autumn store in a cool dry and dark place until next spring. Flowering July-September

Cactus Dahlia Collection* (5 Tubers)

Cactus Dahlia Collection* (5 Tubers) £11.25
Buy the entire Cactus Dahlia Collection and you will save £6.00. The Collection consists of 5 Tubers each of one variety: -Karma Pink Korona-Long tapering petals of lavender-pink veined with a deeper shade and lighter towards centre. -Shooting Star-Pale yellow flowers with a delicate pink flush to the tips. -Karma Corona-Large- bi-coloured orange flowers with yellow-orange centre. -Nuit D’Ete-Deepest- wine red with an almost black centre.  -Karma Sangria-Deep pink buds opening to lustrous pink with   a yellow base. These spiky Cactus Dahlias produce masses of flowers throughout the summer. They are ideal for borders and are just perfect for cutting. Their beautiful colours and spiky blooms stand out in any garden border. So easy to grow these versatile plants are a good choice for even the novice gardener.   All dahlias are half hardy perennials. The flowers are produced from July until the first frosts when the tubers should be lifted for over-wintering in a frost-free place ready to plant again for a spectacular show next season. Height 90-100cm/36-40in Flowers July-October.

Leek Sevilla Plants x45

Leek Sevilla Plants x45 £8.95
This variety produces high yields of good length leeks over a long harvest period. Perfect for harvesting as slim tender baby leeks – it is frost and disease resistant with good standing ability. Easy to grow with an erect habit and good shank length. Despatched May for harvesting from September to March. Height 45cm/18in 

Leek Musselburgh Plants x45

Leek Musselburgh Plants x45 £8.95
Musselburgh is a mid-season mild-flavoured leek with short thick white stems. It’s extremely winter hardy and therefore very popular in colder areas where its reliability is second to none making it one of the best varieties available. Despatched late May for harvesting from October to March. Height 45cm/18in

Dwarf French Bean Delinel Plants x 12

Dwarf French Bean Delinel Plants x 12 £6.95
An Outstanding Variety for Crop and Flavour Delinel is a very heavy cropper producing and abundance of slender pencil pods 15cm/6in long. This totally stringless filet type bean has an excellent flavour and mid green colour which is perfect for Salade Nicoise. If picked regularly Delinel will crop over and over again. Despatched late May for harvesting from July onwards. Height 45cm/18in

Runner Bean Moonlight Plants x12

Runner Bean Moonlight Plants x12 £6.95
! Moonlight is a unique cross between a French Bean and Runner Bean; it produces smooth stringless pods of tender Runner Beans. A vigorous climber with delicate white flowers and because it’s self pollinating the beans will set well even during poor weather. Gives a heavy crop of 25cm/10in Beans. Despatched late May for harvesting from July onwards. Height to 200cm/7ft

Cucumber Euphya Plants x3

Cucumber Euphya Plants x3 £6.95
A very prolific all-female variety with good disease resistance. Euphya bears top quality long straight cucumbers with a delicious taste and crisp crunch! It will tolerate cooler conditions and can even be grown outside in a sunny sheltered position. Despatched late April/early May for harvest from July onwards. Height 120cm/4ft

Broad Bean The Sutton Plants x16

Broad Bean The Sutton Plants x16 £6.95
This dwarf variety grows up to 45cm/18in tall producing lots of tender green pods each bearing 5 to 6 small but delicious broad beans. A compact variety it doesn’t need staking and would look good planted amongst flowers in a border. Despatched March/April for harvesting from June onwards. Height to 45cm/18in

Runner Bean Enorma Plants x12

Runner Bean Enorma Plants x12 £6.95
Perfect for Small Gardens! Most likely named after its enormously long smooth and slender pods growing up to 50cm/20in. A very consistent and early cropping variety with excellent flavour Enorma is very easy to grow and produces a huge amount of beans relative to the space it takes up. Despatched late May for harvesting from July onwards. Height to 200cm/7ft