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New products at MowerWarehouse

by John - January 25th, 2011.
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MowerWarehouse has these new lines today

Lawnflite GLX105 RHL-SK Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawnflite GLX105 RHL-SK Lawn & Garden Tractor £2999.00
This truly impressive, class-leading lawn tractor from Lawnflite has been developed for the fast coverage of grassed areas up to four-acres and will come into its own when towing larger, heavier attachments. Tested thoroughly on damp British lawns, the Lawnflite GLX105 RHL-SK offers exceptional collection-performance, even in the most extreme conditions. It

Lawnflite GLX92 RHL-K Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite GLX92 RHL-K Lawn Tractor £2699.00
The Lawnflite GLX92 RHL-K offers the sort of performance, dependability and rugged build-quality that are a must-have for those maintaining very large grassed areas, both formal and informal. Its high-powered 16hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine benefits from pumped lubrication, which ensures vital components remain constantly and efficiently oiled; while an electric key ignition ensures starting is speedy and trouble-free. This feature-packed model is equipped with a hydrostatic-drive which allows you to vary the ground-speed via a foot-pedal, in turn making it easier to safely negotiate trees, borders and tight corners (an ultra-tight 53cm turning-radius further enhances manoeuvrability). Lawnflite

Lawnflite 908-GLH Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 908-GLH Lawn Tractor £2399.00
At the heart of the Lawnflite 908-GLH lies Briggs & Stratton

Lawnflite 903-GLT Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 903-GLT Lawn Tractor £2249.00
Offering an extra-large 105cm width-of-cut, this high-performance, high-specification tractor-mower from Lawnflite will make short work of paddocks and formal lawns up to around three-acres in area. The premium-quality 15.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine on the Lawnflite 903-GLT drives a seven-speed Transmatic transmission; an advanced feature that not only provides infinitely-variable speed changes in each gear, but also allows you to shift gears without stopping. A pivoting front-axle ensures a consistent cut with no scalping; and a six-way height-of-cut (30

Lawnflite 705-GLH Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 705-GLH Lawn Tractor £2099.00
MTD-Lawnflite are the best-selling brand of lawn tractor in the UK, and with premium-quality machines like this on offer, it

Lawnflite 604-GLH Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 604-GLH Lawn Tractor £1999.00
This compact lawn-tractor from Lawnflite will prove a great purchase if your lawn

Lawnflite 808-GLHS Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawnflite 808-GLHS Lawn & Garden Tractor £1899.00
Combining a huge 107cm cutting-width with a very high-performance 17.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine, this flagship lawn tractor from MTD-Lawnflite is well placed to take on the largest lawns and the toughest grass-conditions (it

Lawnflite 703-GLT Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 703-GLT Lawn Tractor £1799.00
Offering stylish looks, robust build quality and a glut of high-spec features, the Lawnflite 703-GLT Lawn Tractor really does stand-out from the crowd. Its high-performance 13.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine powers Lawnflite

Lawnflite 603G Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 603G Lawn Tractor £1599.00
Featuring Lawnflite