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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - January 27th, 2011.
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New product at Harrod Horticultural

GrowTubes -

GrowTubes – £2.75
These biodegradable GrowTube bottomless pots are absolutely priceless when it comes to sowing growing and transplanting tap rooting vegetables such as peas and beans along with deep planted veg such as leeks – every potting shed should have some!Made from ‘original biodegradable fyba’ the 12.5cm (5) deep by 6cm (2¼”) diameter tubes will keep the roots of seedlings and young plants warm and moist – and when the plants start to outgrow their home (indicated by their emergence through the side) then simply transplant the GrowTube into the soil! The GrowTube organic baseless pots (supplied in packs of 20) will introduce you to a growing process where you don’t have to store or clean pots; there’s no potting on and using up more compost; you can forget transplant-shocking the plants and because the roots are air pruned as they push through the fibre pot you;ll get bigger stronger and healthier plants. GrowTubes are winners all round!”