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New products at PondKeeper

by John - February 6th, 2011.
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PondKeeper just added this new item

Pond Pump Floating System - Zenith

Pond Pump Floating System – Zenith £29.99
New for Spring 2011 is this very clever idea called the Zenith Floating Fountain system. This product allows you to float any standard pond pump (larger pumps need strainer cage removing). This is so clever because, as anyone with a deep pond will tell you, it is sometimes frustrating difficult/impossible to position a fountain pond pump in a deep pond. You see pond pumps tend to sit on the floor of the pond basin using their telescopic extension pieces to break through to the pond surface. But this is not always possible if the pond is deep. One solution is to build a pump stand but this is not always practical and a messy job to retro fit once the pond has been filled. To use the Zenith pond floating system simply put your pond pump into the system cannister. You may wish to cut a small hole in the base of this item to allow the electrical cable to push through. Then use the supplied foams to ensure the pump nozzle is standing straight and tall (the foams also act as strainers to stop the pond pump getting blocked with debris. Clipon the float ring and simply push your floating pond pump into the pond. Easy…..and at only £29.99 we think an absolute bargain!