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Cucumber Seeds

by Sarah - February 22nd, 2011.
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Cucumber 'Boothby's Blonde' - 1 packet (20 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Boothby’s Blonde’ – 1 packet (20 seeds) £1.59
An American heirloom originating from the Boothby family in Maine. Cucumber Boothby’s Blonde is a prolific cropper outdoors, best eaten small, 10cm (4in) when crisp and sweet with no need to peel. Cucumber Boothby’s Blonde are dimpled, slightly spined cucumbers with creamy-yellow skin. Fruits will grow up to 20cm (8in) when they are best used for pickling or cooking.

Cucumber 'Burpless Tasty Green' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (10 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (10 seeds) £2.19
Yes, it’s true. No indigestion problems with this cucumber. Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green produces cucumbers that are crisp and delicious, with no bitterness and ideal to eat just like celery. Pick at 20-25cm (8-10in) long when flavour and vitamin content is very high. Very easy to grow.

Cucumber 'Carmen' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (5 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Carmen’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (5 seeds) £7.99
Greenhouse/All Female. Cucumber Carmen is a unique variety with resistance to all known strains of powdery mildew, scab and leaf-spot. Cucumbers are bitter-free and produced in abundance – 50-100 per plant. Cucumber Carmen is ideal for organic gardeners. Easy to train and day length sensitive. For maximum yield plant after 1st March. Excellent for exhibition.

Cucumber 'Cetriolo Marketer' - 1 packet (120 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Cetriolo Marketer’ – 1 packet (120 seeds) £1.89
Cucumber Cetriolo Marketer produces a prolific crop throughout the summer of medium length, dark green cucumbers with short, white spines. Cucumber Cetriolo Marketer is best grown outdoors.

Cucumber 'Cucino' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (4 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Cucino’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (4 seeds) £3.99
Perfect lunchbox snacks, these exciting little ‘cucino’ cucumbers can be eaten straight from the plant without peeling. Cucumber Cucino produces crisp, flavoursome mini-fruits prolifically throughout the season indoors or in a sheltered position outdoors.

Cucumber 'Fanfare' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (4 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Fanfare’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (4 seeds) £2.99
Cucumis sativus. Bushy habit, outdoor cucumber ideal in a container/growing bag as well as a sunny site in the garden. Cucumber Fanfare produces a good crop of slender, crisp, flavoursome fruits throughout the summer if picked regularly.

Cucumber 'Flamingo' F1 Hybrid (Organic) - 1 packet (4 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Flamingo’ F1 Hybrid (Organic) – 1 packet (4 seeds) £1.49
An all female type producing quality, long, dark green bitter free cucumbers, in the greenhouse. Powdery Mildew tolerant and Cladosporium (leaf mould) resistant.Cucumber Flamingo has been bred to give increased Hybrid vigour, garden performance and flavour, thus increasing your harvest. Due to their wide ranging pest and disease resistance, there will be no need for the use of chemicals, making them ideal for organic gardeners.

Cucumber 'Long White' - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Long White’ – 1 packet (25 seeds) £0.69
Not just a novelty cucumber. The non bitter, tender skin of Cucumber Long White is very thin and means peeling is not necessary. The firm flesh Is sweet and juicy, with a pleasant tang. Cucumber Long White is a good cropper which will add colour to your salads.Harvest July to September.

Cucumber 'Masterpiece' - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Masterpiece’ – 1 packet (25 seeds) £2.19
Cucumber Masterpiece is an early and reliable British selection for outdoor growing, producing heavy crops of dark green skinned, slightly spined, 20cm (8in) cucumbers with crisp white flesh. Cucumber Masterpiece is tender and perfect for summer salads. Seeds are in the RHS Vegetable Collection.

Cucumber 'Piccolo Di Parigi' (Gherkin) - 1 packet (150 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Piccolo Di Parigi’ (Gherkin) – 1 packet (150 seeds) £1.89
Early ripening and prolific cropping, Cetriolo Piccolo Di Parigi produces short, firm fleshed, spiny skinned gherkins. Ideal whole or sliced for pickling.