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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - February 25th, 2011.
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New items added today at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Four Seasons Greenhouse Gro-System x 3

Four Seasons Greenhouse Gro-System x 3 £9.95
Grow Greenhouse Crops 12 Months a Year!  To increase greenhouse productivity Marshalls has developed a new type of Gro-Bed. The great big collapsible Four Season Gro-Bed just needs 4 canes to slide in the special sleeves at the top for rigidity. Then fill with good loamy soil or compost and you’re ready to grow. The bag has 4 strong carry handles so it can be moved in and out of the greenhouse. It’s designed to be just perfect in terms of size. At 85cm (34in) long and 54cm (21in) wide 6 will fit neatly into a 8ft x6ft greenhouse. Start autumn crops outdoors and when your summer growing bag crops are finished move your Four Seasons Gr-Beds inside. You can also repeat sow and harvest super quality salads all summer long. Please note: canes not supplied.

Pea & Bean Bonanza

Pea & Bean Bonanza £9.95
Pea & Bean Bonanza Amongst some of the easiest and most decorative vegetables you can grow  Peas and Beans are as equally at home in a flower border as they are on a vegetable patch. Some dwarf beans such as Hestia are even suitable for growing in pots and containers. The Collection Consists of: Pea Hurst Greenshaft Dwarf French Bean Maxi Climbing French Bean Sultana Runner Bean White Lady Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia

Veg Plot Star Performers-Veg Seed Collection

Veg Plot Star Performers-Veg Seed Collection £6.45
Veg Plot Star Performers Seed Collection Year after year these varieties come up top in our list of customer favourites. They are all top performers give good yields and taste fantastic. If you are starting a plot from scratch or just want to grow something different these are proven best sellers. The Collection consists of: Beetroot Boltardy Leek Musselburgh Sweetcorn Lark Carrot Autumn King Parsnip Albion

Easy to Grow Salad Seed Collection

Easy to Grow Salad Seed Collection £5.45
Easy to Grow Salads Nothing beats the flavour of home-grown salads freshly harvested from plot to plate within minutes. They are so easy to grow and value for money compared to shop bought alterantives. The Collection consists of 5 packets each of: Spring Onion White Lisbon Lettuce Cut ‘n’ Come Again Lettuce Little Gem Rocket Voyager Radish French Breakfast 3

Grow-Bed Herb Collection

Grow-Bed Herb Collection £5.45
Grow-Bed Seed Collection Don’t buy expensive packs from your supermarket;Patio Gro-Beds are perfect for growing culinary herbs. Position outside your kitchen door and pick when needed. Collection consists of 5 packets of seeds one of each: Basil Dark Opal Chives Fine Leaved Parsley Italian Plain Leaved Sweet Marjoram Orange Thyme

Gro-Bed Veg Collection

Gro-Bed Veg Collection £4.45
Gro-Bed Veg Collection With a depth of 30cm/12in it is possible to grow some deep rooted vegetables ina Gro-Bed-such as carrots beans and beetroot. If you leave a few weeks between sowing each bed you will get a successional harvest that could go on and on.. The Collection consists of 1 packet of: Dwarf French Bean Maxi Carrot Early Scarlet Horn Beetroot Kestrel