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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - March 5th, 2011.
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Price reduction on this product at Harrod Horticultural

Beepol Bumblebee Lodge and Hive - Bumblebee Lodge and Hive Voucher - GCN-005

Beepol Bumblebee Lodge and Hive – Bumblebee Lodge and Hive Voucher – GCN-005 was £139.95 now £124.95
The Beepol Bumblebee Lodge provides an attractive long lasting safe and secure home for the hardworking bumblebee an asset to every garden and a pollinator par excellence!Based on traditional bee hive designs the Beepol Lodge has been hand crafted in the UK from durable FSC timber and houses the Beepol hive consisting of a UK native queen bee and 40 to 50 workers – along with eggs – all primed and ready to pollinate and therefore increase the yields of your garden and greenhouse fruit vegetables and flowers for the summer! Although bumblebee colonies do not continue through the winter in the same way as honeybees do the queen included in the Beepol hive – which is also suitable for placing directly in the garden – will produce new queens before she dies. We’ve even introduced a Beepol Bumblebee Lodge and Voucher option so you can order your lodge and send off the voucher when you’d like to receive the bees – an ideal gift for any wildlife enthusiast gardener or anyone who likes to enjoy the sight sounds and benefits of British Bumblebees hard at work in their garden. Beepol Hives will be despatched from mid March through to the end of August.