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New products at GreenFingers

by John - March 9th, 2011.
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GreenFingers just added these new products

Mosaic 2 Person Folding Bistro Set

Mosaic 2 Person Folding Bistro Set £114.99
This Mosaic 2 Person Folding Bistro Set comprises a beautiful 76cm diameter table and 2 chairs – perfect for your patio or garden this summer.

Teak Steamer Chair

Teak Steamer Chair £169.99
This Teak Steamer Chair will compliment your garden patio or decking and is perfect for lazy summer days – grab a refreshing drink a good book and feel yourself drift into another world.Made using Plantation Teak this steamer is durable and resistant to moisture fire acid and alkalis. Grade B wood such as this uses the semi-mature outer heartwood and may have some knots visible

Bosch Electric Hedgecutter - 420W/48cm

Bosch Electric Hedgecutter – 420W/48cm £57.38
A powerful lightweight AHS 48-16 Electric Hedgecutter from Bosch that is ideal for trimming taller privet and medium sized hedges. This is a well-balanced tool with ergonomic handles that provide a more comfortable work position and your arms and upper back area are considerably less tired due to the extremely low weight. The vibration-free high power motor of 420W and a tooth spacing of 16mm deliver an outstanding performance for effortless handling without having to constantly take breaks. Motor capacity: 420W Blade length: 48cm Blade spacing: 16 mm No-load stroke rate: 3.200 spm Weight: 2.5kg Handy hint: Trim evergreen hedges in mid to late summer which gives the foliage time to grow back a bit before winter without getting ragged and stops ends being damaged by early frosts. Avoid cutting into old wood which will leave you with bare spots

Bosch Electric Hedgecutter - 600W/60cm

Bosch Electric Hedgecutter – 600W/60cm £114.99
This really powerful Bosch AHS 600-24 ST Electric Hedgecutter has a longer blade and wider blade spacing which makes it ideal for taller privet as well as small to medium size hedges. Your hedges will look perfect in no time at all! It has four switch positions for relaxed and balanced working as well as a blade tip protector for easy cutting close to the edges of walls and along the ground. Laser-cut diamond-ground blades provide a clean precise cut on twigs and branches up to 24mm in diameter.It is lightweight and vibration free with an ergonomic handle that allows for comfortable work in any position. Better still your arms and upper back area are considerably less tired due to the low weight. The high performance

PikStik Litter Collector

PikStik Litter Collector £17.99
No more bending or stretching to pick up debris from your garden with this Pikstik Litter Collector! It is ergonomically engineered and uniquely designed for safety and productivity with a soft-grip handle and handy wriststrap. The red locking button releases the protective sleeve to expose dual stainless-steel Stikpins for spiking. Simply press the red locking button again to slide the protective sleeve forward and eject the litter. A protective sleeve locks in place to safely cover the Stikpinstips for storage.The stainless steel double-point design makes collection of beverage cans garden debris cigarette butts and other rubbish convenient and safe. Strong aluminium shaft5cm long stainless steel pinsLength: 105cm

White Oak Rectangular Folding Table & 4 Armchairs Set

White Oak Rectangular Folding Table & 4 Armchairs Set £299.99
Relax in comfort with this practical sturdy FSC White Oak 4 seater furniture set.

Granite Parasol Base - 10kg

Granite Parasol Base – 10kg £29.99
Complete your patio furniture set with this solid 10kg Granite Parasol Base. Manufactured from heavy-duty polished granite with a stainless steel pole it will coordinate with any parasol. It stays stable even in breezy weather so all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy your surroundings! Recommended parasol size: up to 2mApproximate dimensions: 30.2 x 30.2 x 50cm high Pole diameter: 28-48mm Weight: 10kg Colour: grey

Greenfingers 8 Person 2.3m Oval Extending Hardwood Dining Set

Greenfingers 8 Person 2.3m Oval Extending Hardwood Dining Set £479.97
This Cadiz 8 Person 2.3m Oval Extending Hardwood Dining Set comprises a 2.3m extending oval extending table and 8 folding armchairs

Shanghai Parasol

Shanghai Parasol £69.99
This 2.7m Shanghai Parasol is available in ecru or navy blue and makes a wonderful finishing touch to your patio or garden set with its oriental design. It features a crank and tilt system which makes opening up and adjusting your parasol easy. This parasol has a grey powder coated frame and a 180g polyester canopy with 24 steel ribs. Canopy diameter: 2.7mPole size: 38cm Umbrella height: 245cm

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