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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - March 20th, 2011.
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New items at MowDirect

Snapper ENXT-22875E 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower with Push Button Start

Snapper ENXT-22875E 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower with Push Button Start £599.00
With this premium-quality lawn mower from renowned American manufacturers Snapper at your disposal, the job of large-scale lawn and paddock maintenance will become more of a pleasure than a tiresome chore. Its ultra-versatile four-in-one design (collect; recycle; side/rear-discharge) ensures you’ll be able to work effectively, no matter what the grass-type; while its intuitive REACT™ speed control system provides the sort of manoeuvrability and flexibility-of-use you just won’t get from a single-speed machine. The Snapper ENXT-22875E is fitted with a powerful, high-specification 190cc Briggs & Stratton overhead-valve engine with a stress-busting one-touch electric starter. It offers an impressive nine preset heights-of-cut (32 – 101m), which are controlled using just one lever for ease-of-use; and it’s equipped with a rugged steel chassis that provides the strength and durability required for a lengthy working-life. This model has a huge 55cm width-of-cut and comes with a positively cavernous 90-litre grass-catcher, so it’s perfect for more substantial applications. Other noteworthy features include a height-adjustable handlebar for comfortable, fatigue free mowing; and ball-bearing wheels that won’t stiffen with age, as can be the case with bush-mounted wheels.

Snapper ESPV-21675 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower

Snapper ESPV-21675 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower £479.00
This superbly engineered steel-deck machine from US-based manufacturers Snapper offers the sort of premium features and superior build-quality that are vital for the more discerning gardener. It’s equipped with a powerful and smooth-running 190c Briggs & Stratton OHV engine that features ReadyStart for fast, hassle-free ignition; and it benefits from the incorporation of a variable-speed power-drive; a high-spec feature that not only improves manoeuvrability, but also ensures you’ll be able to operate at the most appropriate pace for the grass conditions. The Snapper ESPV-21675 has four cutting-modes (bag; mulch; rear/side-discharge), so it’s capable of tackling everything from formal lawns through to infrequently mown rough-grass areas. Its self-propelled drive and very generous 53cm cut make it possible to cover substantial areas quickly and with minimal effort expended; while its hugely capacious 90-litre collector (the largest in this model’s class) ensures you’ll be able to get much more done between each trip to the compost heap. Other benefits include convenient single-lever selection of the nine cutting-heights; ball-bearing mounted wheels for longevity; and a height-adjustable handlebar for enhanced user-comfort.

Handy THPM51-SPHW/4ES Power-Driven 4-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower (Electric Start)

Handy THPM51-SPHW/4ES Power-Driven 4-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower (Electric Start) £359.99
This ultra-versatile four-in-one lawn mower from Handy certainly serves to bolster their reputation for producing high-quality machines at a price affordable for the average homeowner. Its generous 50cm width-of-cut and self-propelled transmission work to make looking-after a very large lawn a breeze; while its powerful and highly-dependable overhead-valve engine’s electronic ignition ensures you’ll have no starting problems. The Handy THPM51-SPHW4/ES is an exceptionally versatile machine, with its four-in-one capability (collect; mulch; rear/side-discharge) and eight-stage height-of-cut making it possible to deal with a variety of grass-types and weather conditions. Other superior features include a high-volume 60-litre collector, with a handy Easi-View vision window; and a dashboard, which houses all the main controls.

Snapper ERDS17550E Low-Emission Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower

Snapper ERDS17550E Low-Emission Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower £329.00
Designed with the more environmentally conscious gardener in mind, the Snapper ERDS17550E incorporates the new EVE™ engine technology which reduces the emission of harmful particulates by an impressive 72-percent. Its 158cc Briggs & Stratton engine offers the sort of durability and fuel-efficiency for which the leading American power-unit manufacturers have become world-renowned; which its high-quality 44cm polypropylene cutter-deck provides the impact- and corrosion-resistance that are so important for a lengthy product-life (ball-bearing mounted wheels confer even more longevity). A two-in-one machine, the Snapper ERDS17550E can either collect clippings or return them directly back onto the lawn surface. It has a single-speed power-drive, so it will come into its own on slopes and rough ground; and it features eight preset heights-of-cut (adjustable between 20 and 70mm) for a truly fine-tuned finish. A comfortable foam-grip handle helps to minimise vibration transfer.