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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - April 14th, 2011.
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New items today at Harrod Horticultural

Timber Wire Frame - Complete Timber Wire Frame Kit - GDN-568

Timber Wire Frame – Complete Timber Wire Frame Kit – GDN-568 £94.95
The Timber Wire Frame is a fantastic way to encourage greater yields of cane fruit and other trained types of fruit trees and bushes both in the garden or vegetable plot or inside the safety of a fruit cage! Our handsome design of wooden plant support frame brings together an incredibly strong steel cable wiring system with an especially sturdy timber framework – the wire support frame is ideal for cane fruit such as raspberries tayberries blackberries and boysenberries or for training fruit such as apples pears and peach into espalier or fan forms. The chunky 10cm/4