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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - April 14th, 2011.
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Harrod Horticultural discounted the price of hundreds of items today

Plantarium Root Care Pots - Single 10cm transparent pot

Plantarium Root Care Pots – Single 10cm transparent pot was £0.49 now £0.30
The Plantarium Root Care Pots are transparent plant pots designed to support themselves in your existing houseplant container; simply lift the Plantarium pot by its tabs to reveal the progress of your plant’s root development and condition of its soil. Symptoms Including over or under watering the need for repotting or the presence of root rot and diseases can be easily spotted. The free guide included provides very helpful advice and tips on what to look for and what action to take for your plant.

Organic Berlicum 2 Carrot Seeds -

Organic Berlicum 2 Carrot Seeds – was £1.10 now £0.75
If you’re looking to impress at the allotments or fancy a stab at the ‘Longest Carrot’ competition at your local gardening show then investing in a packet or two of our Organic Berlicum 2 Carrot Seeds will give you a fighting chance of a podium finish. The cylindrical long Nantes-like roots of this popular variety can reach up to 20cm in length when grown in an ideal sandy or light soil and with an excellent colour and small core will certainly reward come harvest time. The slender roots don’t turn woody in a hurry and sowing between April and June will give a harvest period from September through to the following March depending on the date of sowing. 475 Organic Berlicum 2 Carrot Seeds per packet.

Organic Cayenne Red Pepper Seeds -

Organic Cayenne Red Pepper Seeds – was £2.50 now £0.95
Add some real spice to your cooking and larder with our Organic Cayenne Red Pepper Seeds renowed for producing long thin chilli pepper fruits which start off green and relatively mild but turn red and very hot if left on the plant – on this occasion red certainly does spell danger! Cayenne is an excellent chilli pepper variety for drying and the subsequent powder produced can be use to make curries tabasco sauce and will heat up many bland dishes. Sow the 25 Organic Cayenne Red Pepper Seeds per packet in a heated greenhouse early in the year for a hot summer forecast down the allotment or in the kitchen garden that even the Met Office can’t get wrong!

Organic Derby Day Cabbage Seeds -

Organic Derby Day Cabbage Seeds – was £1.95 now £0.95
Rather unflatteringly described as a ‘ballhead’ variety Organic Derby Day Cabbage Seeds are deserving of the name as they produce a summer harvested solid ball of a heart ideal for home-made coleslaw sauerkraut and for shredding. Early sowings of Derby Day in February and March under glass will mature as early as June while seed sown direct in March to May will mature in around 2 months – great for the impatient salad fan! Organic Derby Day Cabbage Seeds are slow to bolt and are supplied in packets of 50.

Organic Myatt’s Offenham Compacta Cabbage Seeds -

Organic Myatt’s Offenham Compacta Cabbage Seeds – was £1.95 now £0.95
It’s not just the name of this spring green variety of cabbage which proves a mouthful – once you sample the taste of the mature Organic Myatt’s Offenham Compacta Cabbage Seeds dark green leaves you’ll be eating mouthfuls of them! Widely considered the leading cabbage variety for spring greens summer sowings of Myatt’s Offenham Compacta will produce green leaves in November partially hearted spring greens and pointed ‘finished article’ cabbages during April and May. Good bolt resistance makes this variety ideal for summer sowing and expect 200 seeds in your packet of Organic Myatt’s Offenham Compacta.

Organic Lime Basil Seeds -

Organic Lime Basil Seeds – was £1.75 now £0.95
Our Organic Lime Basil Seeds will help you produce an aromatic citrus-scented strain of the Meditteranean favourite which will breathe new life and zest into soups and especially fish dishes – and is perfect for growing on the windowsill patio or in a sunny spot in the kitchen garden. Being a native of India any variety of basil will only tolerate the warmest part of the garden from June until the first frost of Autumn but can be successfully grown on a windowsill in close proximity to the kitchen! Basil is said amongst other things to aid digestion; calm the nervous system; relieve cold and flu symptoms and cure insomnia as well as being an aphrodisiac! Supplied in a packet of 250 seeds.

Organic White Silver Chard Seeds -

Organic White Silver Chard Seeds – was £1.75 now £0.95
The contrast between the snow-white stems and dark green leaves produced by our Organic White Silver Chard Seeds makes this watered-down version of spinach a popular and attractive addition to the vegetable plot allotment or kitchen garden – and being rich in vitamins A and C it’s good to eat as well as look at! Sometimes known as seakale beet this easy-on-the-eye member of the chard family is reliably high-yielding and delicious and both the leaves and stem are equally as tasty. Supplied in packets of 200 seeds.

Organic Celeriac Prinz Seeds -

Organic Celeriac Prinz Seeds – was £1.75 now £0.95
Perhaps not a vegetable for the impatient gardener – celeriac takes up to 6 months to mature and occupies the soil in the kitchen garden vegetable patch or down the allotment for almost the whole year – but if you’ve got the patience Organic Celeriac Prinz Seeds will reward you well in the winter. The bounty is a turnip-like bulb with a distinctive celery taste which can be cooked or grated into winter salads and leaves which make a great addition to soups. Sow in early spring under glass harden off and plant out in early summer and leave in the ground through the depths of winter until your pantry comes calling! Organic Celeriac Prinz Seeds are supplied in packets of 50.

Organic Jalapeno Pepper Seeds -

Organic Jalapeno Pepper Seeds – was £1.45 now £0.95
Have a fire extinguisher handy when you get round to eating the fruits produced by our Organic Jalapeno Pepper Seeds – the long red chilli peppers produced by this high yielding variety are used for hot pepper eating contests and are H-O-T!! Eating the explosive chilli fruits shouldn’t be a challenge or an ordeal however; they are wonderful when finely chopped and added to salads are used in hot Mexican sauces and added to many different dishes to give that extra kick of spice and interest. Plants raised from our Organic Jalapeno Pepper Seeds can reach up to 1m in height and the fruits start off green but ripen to red on short branching stems. Grow the 25 Organic Jalapeno Pepper Seeds contained in each packet in the greenhouse borders or growbags or containers.


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