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Conrad UK garden products plus voucher

by Sarah - April 21st, 2011.
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Conrad UK

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Promotion – £5 Off Orders £50 or More
Expires – 30-04-2011

Folding Saw

Garden Folding Saw

* Blade made of high quality hardened tool steel
* Teeth polished and specially hardened, suitable for wet and dry wood
* Safety button to prevent accidental opening and folding of the blade
* Blade length 150 mm.
Price £3.99

Pump DW5500

Submersible Pump DW5500

High delivery rate at low power consumption i.e. saves power. The pump shaft
and sockets made of wear-resistant ceramic guarantee a long lifespan. Easy to
take apart for cleaning. Also suitable as an submersible pump for removing stagnant
water up to 5 mm deep.
Price £77.99

Hose Wheel 20 m

Water Hose Wheel 20 m

The easy, convenient and portable water hose extension. The 13 mm special hose
with fabric inlay is highly elastic and durable. Equipped with quick-tube connection,
water stop and adjustable hose nozzle. The drum body is made up of unbreakable
plastic with a special harness made of galvanized steel pipe.
Price £34.99

VELCRO Garden Binder

Tesa VELCRO Garden Binder

In the VELCRO garden product series, hobby gardeners and professionals alike
will find numerous new ideas to bring order to their green areas. For carrying
bundles of wood, hanging up hoses or gentle binding of plants, flowers and bushes.
All the self-closing garden fasteners are reusable and completely weatherproof.

Price £4.99

Steel Solar Light

Stainless Steel Solar Light

This solar lamp conjures up a very nice atmosphere in your garden. As soon as
the night begins, the sensor turns on a white LED. Very easy installation without
cables and up to 8 hours of light at a time.
Price £13.99

LED-Light Chain

Solar LED-Light Chain

Independent of the sockets through the solar module. The party lighting and
decoration in summer. A powerful 1 W solar module ensures optimum charging.
It can be fixed on the floor, mounted on the wall or also at a mast. By means
of a button at the rear side of the module one can select from 8 different operating
modes. The chains are fitted with 100 LEDs.
Was £30.99
Now £21.97

BBQ Tongs

Digital BBQ Tongs

A perfect BBQ experience! The digital tongs knows the right temperature for
seven pre-programmed types of meat and alerts you if you have selected the grill
level is reached. The measures already tongs when turning the core temperature
of the food on and displays them in an illuminated LCD screen. No incision longer
necessary – the meat is juicy. For the evening twilight, an additional LED light
is integrated. For easy cleaning, the LCD screen can be removed. The clamp is
then given simply in the dishwasher.
Price £28.99

And Steak Thermometer Set Of 4

Grill And Steak Thermometer Set Of 4

The new grill and steak thermometers: Perfect for your barbecue! This new thermometer
measures the internal temperature of meat on the grill or in a pan and shows
the cooking levels of the meat correctly. Thus one sees at a glance, whether
the steak is “rare”, medium, or through-roasted “well done”. It consists of
high quality stainless steel and is suitable for dishwasher.
Price £19.99

Saws, Set Of 2

Japanese Saws, Set Of 2

One works on course, thus the energy expenditure remains very small. Razor-sharp,
fuzz free cuts.
Price £17.99

Cross-Cut Saw 400 mm Prize Cut

Universal Cross-Cut Saw 400 mm Prize Cut

* Hardened tooth tips
* Teeth precision ground and set
* Universal serrations for optimum cutting performance with and against the
* Sturdy and moulded plastic handle with 45 and 90 back square.
Price £11.99