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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - April 22nd, 2011.
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New items today at Crocus

Rotary Clothes Line - Sixty meters

Rotary Clothes Line – Sixty meters £61.49
Stylishly colour co-ordinated with a fresh colour pallet the airer has a high grade steel centre pole with lightweight aluminium arms for maximum stability. The lines are pvc coated spaced for maximum airflow. It features a tidy arm to keep the line closed position when not in use and a easy up and lock in position clip. also each arm features clothes hanger hooks to enable the hanging of clothes hangers. available in 2 sizes 40 x and 60 meters the 40 meters is suitable for approx 3 washing loads while the 60 meters is suitable for approx 5 loads

Corsica Trough and Saucer

Corsica Trough and Saucer £47.99
PO1000101913, Phoned Chris de Boppa he says they don’t work with Fermob any moreso should have an email on who to contact, Laura.

japanese wisteria syn ( Wisteria 'Issai )

japanese wisteria syn ( Wisteria ‘Issai ) £24.99
Fragrant lilac-blue flowers

three regal pelargonium

three regal pelargonium £19.99
Very soft and pretty

Balcony Rack For The Green Basics Trough 50cm

Balcony Rack For The Green Basics Trough 50cm £12.99
Rack only the trough is not included