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Help with the weeding

by Sarah - April 28th, 2011.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

Great products to help you with the weeding from Suttons Seeds

Telescopic Weeding Knife

Telescopic Weeding Knife £11.95
Allows quick and easy weeding without the backache! Extending from 83.5cm (33″) to 122cm (48″), this telescopic weeding knife will allow you to quickly and easily weed between paving slabs or crazy paving without getting backache. It has a lightweight aluminium handle, comfortable soft grip handle and replaceable stainless steel blade.. . . . . .

Miracle Block Paving Brush

Miracle Block Paving Brush £14.95
No need for chemicals or pressure washers with the great tool Remove dirt, moss and weeds from block paving and patios without having to resort to chemicals or a pressure washer. The wooden head has three rows of converging, tough wire bristles, giving extraordinary, targeted cleaning power (ideal for paving joints) and the extra long 158cm (5’2″) handle allows even tall users to work without stooping.. . . . . .

Speedy Weedy

Speedy Weedy £17.95
No need for bending! A light, clean and fast way to remove weeds from lawns and borders without bending or stooping. Effectively removes both the weed and it’s roots. Just push down over the top of the weed, then twist several times and lift out. A built in push-plunger ejects the weed – so no dirty hands. Lightweight aluminium construction. Overall length 1m (39″).. . . . . .

Grampa's Weeder

Grampa’s Weeder £22.95
Who says they don’t make things like they used to? Perhaps the most effective, effortless weed puller ever! With its simple lever action and durable construction, this tried and tested tool is ingeniously designed and made to last forever. For almost a hundred years, gardeners young and old have used Grampa’s Weeder to extract weeds and their roots easily, with just a step of their foot and a tilt of the handle – no pulling, bending or kneeling. Overall length 111cm (43″).. . . . . .

Patio Weeding Brush and Scraper

Patio Weeding Brush and Scraper £27.95
Two tools in one! This handy multi tool has a strong lightweight, high quality aluminium handle with a comfortable plastic sleeve, and two easily interchangeable heads. The steel-bristled brush and hooked scraper will allow you to quickly and easily remove tough weeds, moss and debris from between slabs and block paving, without bending. Handle length 1.5m (5′).. . . . . .

Weed Wand

Weed Wand £27.95
Wave a wand and remove those weeds! Lightweight and easy to use, this butane gas powered Weed Wand will take the backache out of weeding! Perfect for clearing weeds from most areas of the garden, especially those awkward places, such as between slabs; it has an automatic ignition so there is no need for matches. Overall length 76cm (30″). Uses a 185g Butane gas canister (not supplied) which provides up to 45 minutes use. Fully guaranteed for 12 months.. . . . . .


The “Gark” £29.95
A rake, sieve and shovel in one! A unique new multifunctional hand tool (the brainchild of a renowned Dutch gardening tool guru) ideal for raking, sifting, and shovelling, without bending or straining. Strong and durable, yet very lightweight. It’s ideal for removing debris from shingle paths & drives, as well as lawns and flower borders. Use it for raking and picking up leaves, windfalls, weeds, grass clippings or pet droppings. Try it for harvesting potatoes, mulching, spreading fertilisers, clearing ponds, mucking out stables, clearing snow….the list goes on and on! Overall length 1.48m (58″).. . . . . .

Bramble Scythe

Bramble Scythe £79.95
Superbly designed Make short work of topping brambles, weeds and long grass with this superbly designed tool. The aluminium handle has been designed and refined over time to give the perfect combination of balance and light weight, and the traditional hand-forged Austrian blade is based on a centuries-old design, with a reinforced point at the tip to protect the main body of the blade against damage. Handle length 1.5m (5′), blade length 42cm (18″).. . . . . .

Lightweight Grass Scythe

Lightweight Grass Scythe £17.95
Time-honoured quality This traditional little tool was keeping gardens tidy long before the invention of lawn mowers and strimmers! Designed to be sturdy yet lightweight, it’s easy to use, and is particularly ideal for grass, light weeds and brambles. With a hardwood handle on a cranked 38cm (15″) metal shaft, and a razor sharp, replaceable 33cm (13″) blade. It’s a pleasure to use!. . . . . .

Grass Whip

Grass Whip £12.95
Whip long grass into shape! With a serrated cutting edge on both sides, this scythe-like tool will slice through long rough grass, nettles and other weed growth with the greatest of ease! Overall length approximately 94cm (38″).. . . . . .