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Help with the watering

by Sarah - April 28th, 2011.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

Suttons Seeds just added this new product to help you get water to the far end of your garden. When a hosepipe won’t reach but you can get a barrow there this is just what you need.

H2gO Waterer

H2gO Waterer £11.95
Water where a tap can’t reach! An ingenious watering solution, which saves trekking back and forth to a tap to refill a watering can, and is particularly useful where a hose isn’t practical, such as the end of a long garden or on an allotment. Simply place the 80 litre capacity bag, with its fitted easy-pour spout and cap, in a wheelbarrow, fill with water and wheel it to wherever it’s needed!. . . . . .