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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - May 4th, 2011.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added this new product

Seed Potato Taster Pack

Seed Potato Taster Pack £10.95
Homegrown Potatoes – they””re so easy to grow and the taste””s amazing. To tempt you to try a few extra special varieties and to enjoy the experience of some really early crops we””ve selected these favourites for youSwift – the extra early first early potato. Swift produces good crops of lovely waxy white potatoes. It””s what we call a 10+ potato as you can harvest it realistically from 10 weeks after planting outdoors. Plant from late February in mild areas.Maris Peer – for a follow on crop Maris Peer will start to crop 3-4 weeks later than swift. This 13+ second early variety is firm and white. What””s more you””ll enjoy scented flowers and heavy yields of medium sized tubers which won””t break up when cooked and won””t discolour either.Charlotte – cropping alongside Maris Peer this – the most famous salad potato – will give an excellent crop of mouth watering potatoes. Great hot or perfect cold in salads Charlotte is the standard reference variety used in taste tests to judge other salad potatoes.Delivery – Subject to prevailing conditions when they are due to be harvested we will start despatching seed potatoes from late November and carry on through to mid March.