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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - May 4th, 2011.
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Reduced lines at GreenFingers

Christmas Decorations Storage Bag

Christmas Decorations Storage Bag was £7.99 now £5.99
This Christmas Decorations Storage Bag has been designed especially for storing your Christmas decorations out of season making them easy to keep in your loft garage or shed. Alternatively it can be used to store any other household or garden items. This storage bag is made out of non tear woven coated Polyethylene with bonded nylon non-rot thread for long life. This fully zipped bag has a wipe clean surface while the handles are made of Polypropylene webbing so are strong and durable. 46 x 25 x 38cm high This code is for 1 bag only Please note decorations are not included

Deep Cleansing Hand Wash 300ml

Deep Cleansing Hand Wash 300ml was £11.99 now £9.99
This Deep Cleansing Hand Wash will leave your hands feeling exfoliated and cleansed after a hard day in the garden. Containing a clever fruit based mixture of sugar maple orange lemon and bilberry this hand wash instinctively recognises muck when it sees it. This makes sure that mulch compost and organic matter stays in your garden and not on your hands! Pump action bottle300ml

The Magic Basket Hanging Basket

The Magic Basket Hanging Basket was £11.99 now £9.99
The Magic Basket is a simple yet fantastic design that gives an end to hanging baskets with unsightly brackets and chains. The unique invisible design has a steel bracket and aluminium struts that support from below therefore once your flowers are in bloom they’re all you see. It will look as if your flowers are floating in mid-air! There are plenty of options where to site basket such as fences posts walls small patio areas corners city gardens balconies coastal areas and windy areas. This makes this basket an ideal gift for novice or keen gardener to show off their colourful plants. The Magic Basket comes already assembled so all you need to do is open out the fold-flat frame and fix it to a wall

Gardman Spanish Arch Wall Art

Gardman Spanish Arch Wall Art was £16.99 now £14.99
This Gardman Spanish arch wall art feature will bring a touch of the mediterranean to your garden due to the delicate and beautiful design of this arch.The arch design consists of finely bent branches and leaf shapes which ensures this wall feature is a great focal point. The Spanish arch wall feature can even be situated in your conservatory or patio but to maximise the effect place this wall feature in the middle of your wall climbing plants.Dimensions: 77.5cm wide x 49cm high

Gardman Moorish Mirror Wall Art

Gardman Moorish Mirror Wall Art was £18.99 now £16.99
This Gardman Moorish mirror wall art feature is a well designed decorative feature while the central mirror creates a window effect due to the reflection of light.The Moorish mirror wall art feature is split into four with a detailed leaf design connecting to the mirror which in turn will cast a shadow on the supporting wall depending on the angle of the sunlight. This wall feature would be a great addition to your garden wall due to the antique nature of this Moorish mirror.Dimensions: 55.5cm x 55.5cm high

Gardman Flat Fish Wall Art

Gardman Flat Fish Wall Art was £19.99 now £17.99
This Gardman flat fish wall art feature will add some character to your garden wall bringing some of the ocean with it.The flat fish feature is of a high quality with each scale on the fish being hand cut applied and finished in a brass verdigris effect ensuring each fish is unique. The fins on the fish are well structured adding to the modern stylish design of this product.Dimensions: 45cm wide x 35cm high

Gardman Berry Leaf Frame Wall Art

Gardman Berry Leaf Frame Wall Art was £19.99 now £17.99
This Gardman berry leaf frame wall art feature would be a beautiful elegant addition to your garden wall but if you want you can even put this berry leaf frame inside your conservatory.The berry leaf frame feature would look great on a wall covered in wall climbing plants as the leaf design would blend very well. When the sunlight reflects off the leaf shapes and red berry effect beads it will create an interesting and beautiful shadow which would also look fantastic on a bare wall.Dimensions: 40cm wide x 55cm high

Gardman Climbing Frog Wall Art

Gardman Climbing Frog Wall Art was £19.99 now £17.99
This Gardman climbing frog wall art feature has an open pebble effect body which glistens when catching the suns rays. You can put this wall feature inside your home to enhance a bare wall or even add decoration to your patio or conservatory.The climbing frog wall art feature will catch the attention of any passer-by and would be the main focus of your garden wall whether it is covered in your climbing plants or not.Dimensions: 39cm wide x 53cm high

Gardman Aztec Sun & Moon Wall Art

Gardman Aztec Sun & Moon Wall Art was £21.99 now £19.49
This Gardman Aztec sun and moon wall art feature has been finished with an antique gold effect paint which ensures this product will stand out against your brick wall or even inside your conservatory.The sun is an interesting fiery shape which is supported by the moon while their colours complement each other and make this product a focal point wherever you locate it. This wall feature is a decorative piece and will look fantastic with the sunlight reflecting from it.Dimensions: 66cm wide x 61cm high

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