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Fantastic fruit trees – plant your own orchard

by Sarah - May 11th, 2011.
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You’ll love picking your own fruit!
Thompson & Morgan has a great range of fruit trees so you can plant your own orchard!

Family Fruit Tree Collection - 3 fruit trees

Family Fruit Tree Collection – 3 fruit trees £89.99
Perfect for the Patio! Contains one tree each of Family Apple, Family Pear and Family Treeo of Delights.Each tree has three varieties grafted onto one tree and will crop at different times, so extending the picking season.

Apple Step Over Apples - 2 trees - 1 of each variety

Apple Step Over Apples – 2 trees – 1 of each variety £89.99
‘Step over’ apples are specially trained to form low, dense fruiting hedges that will create a productive and ornamental garden feature. Since they are grafted onto dwarf rootstock, and the hard training work has already been done for you, these delightful trees are surprisingly easy to maintain. Rootstock: P2. Height: 45cm (18”). Spread: 2m (6’,5”).Supplied in pairs comprising 1 tree each of:Apple ‘Jubilee’ – Attractive apples with a crisp, juicy flavour and good resistance to apple scab.Apple ‘Delbard Estivale’ – A delicious dessert apple, from ‘Golden Delicious’ parentage, with pink-red skin and juicy flesh. It also has an RHS AGM.

Patio Fruit Collection - 3 trees - 1 of each variety

Patio Fruit Collection – 3 trees – 1 of each variety £59.99
The idea that fruit can only be grown if you have a large garden can now be banished with this range of fruit suitable for container growing and perfect for the UK climate. All these trees have been specifically bred to be dwarf, ideal for growing in large 60cm (2ft) diameter containers on the patio.Collection comprises:Apple Red FalstaffTrees have small extension growth each year, followed by a mass of easy setting blossom and good size delicious fruit. Trees have frost tolerance and the fruits show good resistance to scab.Necterine NecterellaDelicious Nectarines are produced along with a ‘mop head’ of leaves creating an attractive and productive patio tree.Peach BonanzaLike Nectarine Necterella it also produces a ‘mop head’ of full size leaves. Each spring the trees are covered in a mass of pink blossom, followed by delicious full sized fruits.

Apple and Pear Family Collection - 2 trees - 1 of each variety

Apple and Pear Family Collection – 2 trees – 1 of each variety £59.98
An entire orchard on just one tree! Family fruit trees have three different varieties grafted onto one stem, which will pollinate each other and crop at different times to extend the picking season. Perfect for the smaller garden with room for only one tree; and even suited to growing in a large patio container (holding at least 30 litres of compost). Apple rootstock: M106. Pear rootstock: Quince A. Height and spread if not containerised: 4m (13’).Collection comprises 1 family apple tree and 1 family pear. Harvest from September.Family apple tree varieties:Apple ‘James Grieve’ – An excellent dual-use apple for cooking and eating. Apple ‘Discovery’ – An ever-popular early variety of dessert apple with a refreshing juicy flavour.Apple ‘Sunset’ – A good alternative to the desirable ‘Cox’ variety, and much easier to grow.Family pear varieties: Pear ‘Conference’ – One of the best known dessert pears, and tolerant of even cold, shady positions.Pear ‘Williams Bon Chretien’ – Often simply known as ‘Williams’, the fruits of this superb pear turn yellow as flesh ripens.Pear ‘Doyenne du Comice’ – A classic dessert pear with a sweet, juicy flavour.

Cherry Collection - 3 maiden trees - 1 of each variety

Cherry Collection – 3 maiden trees – 1 of each variety £58.97
Collection comprises 1 tree each ofCherry StellaCherry SunburstCherry Crown MorelloOne of Britain’s best loved fruits. Unlike traditional cherry trees the modern ‘Gisela’ rootstock has meant that varieties are these days very productive with good fruit size, but with compact growth so that it can be grown in a small space, either free standing or trained against a wall or fence or planted in containers on the patio. Cherries make an attractive tree both in flower or when laden with fruit.

Nectarine,Peach and Apricot Collection - 3 feathered maidens - 1 of each variety

Nectarine,Peach and Apricot Collection – 3 feathered maidens – 1 of each variety £54.99
Collection comprises 1 tree each ofNectarine FantasiaPeach PeregrineApricot Flavourcot®It’s never been easier to grow your own mouth-watering peaches and nectarines. Years ago growing stone fruit like Peaches and Nectarines used to be considered difficult for many gardeners. Times have changed and due to a warmer climate and modern breeding, we can now offer you varieties that are on ‘Myrobolem rootstocks’.These are self fertile and will produce highly productive trees with medium vigour, making it far easier to produce good crops of these delicious stone fruits in your gardens wherever you live in the UK.Use Dithane 945 to help deter Peach Leaf Curl.

Plum Full Season Collection - 3 feathered maidens - 1 of each variety

Plum Full Season Collection – 3 feathered maidens – 1 of each variety £53.97
One of the UK’s favourite fruit trees, easy to grow and delicious to eat. As many supermarkets are reluctant to offer the best tasting varieties due to thin skins and bruising, growing your own is the best way to enjoy the real flavour that this fruit can offer. Delicious eaten fresh, as preserves or stewed and made into a plum crumble served with custard or ice cream!Collection comprises 1 tree each ofPlum OpalPlum SenecaPlum VictoriaPlanted together they will give you a full season’s harvest, will aid pollination and increase yields between each other.Trees supplied are grafted on a ‘St Julian A Rootstock’ which is semi-dwarfing, which will produce for you medium sized 2-2.5m (7-8 foot) trees.Note: The main cause of maggot damage in plums is the caterpillar of the Plum Fruit Moth. To help control this troublesome pest see Fruit Moth Traps..

Apple Britain's Favourites Collection - 3 trees - 1 of each variety

Apple Britain’s Favourites Collection – 3 trees – 1 of each variety £49.97
Britain has one of the best climates in the world for growing apples of the highest quality. This collection contains some of the most highly regarded varieties. Grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock, the crowns are easily reached to prune, spray and pick your delicious fruit. The varieties in this collection are not self-fertile but will act as suitable pollinators for one another. Root wrap plants supplied. Height and spread: 2.5m (8’) Rootstock: M9.Collection comprises 1 tree each of:Apple ‘Braeburn’ – This well known dessert variety earns its popularity by being easy to grow, early to crop from a young age, and having excellent storage potential.Apple ‘Bramley’s Seedling’ – The most famous cooking apple of all, producing large fruits with a sharp acidic flavour that are ideal for making delicious pies and crumbles.Apple ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ – Regarded to be the finest tasting dessert apple, the rich aromatic flavour and crisp, juicy texture set this apple apart from other varieties.

Crab Apple Collection - 3 trees - 1 of each variety

Crab Apple Collection – 3 trees – 1 of each variety £46.97
Crab Apple trees make attractive and productive specimen trees for smaller gardens, with a long season of interest. Crab apple fruits can be harvested to make delicious crab apple jelly. Any unpicked fruits will soften after a few frosts to create a sumptuous food source for wild birds. Crab apples are self fertile and if planted near orchard apple trees make excellent pollinators. Rootstock: M26. Height and spread: 3m (10’).Collection comprises 1 tree each of:Crab Apple ‘John Downie’ – One of the most popular crab apples for jelly making, producing large orange and red oval fruits.Crab Apple ‘Laura’ – Magnificent crops of ruby red crab apples bejewel the autumn branches of this attractive variety.Crab Apple ‘Red Sentinel’ – A particularly attractive variety producing a white blossom in May, followed by yellow fruits blushed with red that deepen to a dark glossy scarlet in time for Christmas.

Double U Cordon Collection - 2 trees - 1 of each variety

Double U Cordon Collection – 2 trees – 1 of each variety £119.99
These distinctive U-shaped cordons are ideal for growing against a wall or training onto a wire framework. Guaranteed to look fantastic all year round and perfect for growing a heavy crop in small spaces which can be harvested from September. Being slightly older trees they will bear fruit quickly even in their first year of planting, and by simple spur pruning you will keep your investment in good shape for years to come. Pears are not self fertile and will need to planted near to another pear tree for successful pollination. Apple ‘Cybelle’ is self fertile but crops will be improved with cross pollination by another apple tree. Apple rootstock: P2. Pear rootstock: Quince A. Height: 2m (6’,5”). Spread: 75cm (2’,4”). Collection comprises 1 Double U Cordon tree each of:Apple ‘Cybelle’ – An excellent quality eating apple, with crunchy flesh, a delicate juicy flavour and a well balanced combination of sugar and acidity.Pear ‘Delsanne’ – Produces unusual round shaped fruits with a smooth tan skin and exceptional flavour.