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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - July 29th, 2011.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added hundreds of new products

Novelty Tulip Collection

Novelty Tulip Collection £24.80
These eye-catching Tulips with their loosely packed petals flower quite late in May and bring a touch of sophisticated elegance to any border. They also make bold and striking displays in patio containers. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Armscote Queensland Ice Cream Christmas Dream

Single Tulip Collection

Single Tulip Collection £23.30
Superb Osteospermum Plant Collection Of all the spring-flowering bulbs it is probably the Tulips that are the most diverse providing a bewildering array of flowers of different shapes and sizes and in as wide a range of colours as any other species.   Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Apricot Beauty Christmas Dream Pink Diamond Kingsblood Calgary  

Border Allium Collection

Border Allium Collection £20.85
SAVE £5.00! 21 Bulbs in total 1 pack each of: ‘Gladiator’Massive rounded heads up to 25cm across of tightly packed star-like flowers borne on sturdy stems in June/July. A good one for cutting. ‘Purple Sensation’A highly popular hybrid of Allium aflatunense with large dense heads of star-shaped deep purple-violet flowers. ‘Allium hortifolium ‘Album’Standing at well over a metre tall these dazzling alliums have a head of hundreds of star-shaped white flowers. Planted in a bed or border they make a great focal point or feature.  

Oriental Lily Collection

Oriental Lily Collection £19.80
Characterised by their large open richly perfumed flowers these are the Lilies you are most likely to see offered for sale as cut flowers.  Flowering in July and August all varieties will stand out in beds and borders and the shorter growing varieties are also perfect for growing in containers. 3 bulbs in a 15cm diameter pot will add both beauty and fragrance to any patio. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Debbie Miss Feya Mona Lisa Rodolfa Valdemar

Large Flowered Crocus Collection

Large Flowered Crocus Collection £17.80
Whether planted in small clumps dotted along the front of the border or as informal sweeping drifts amongst deciduous trees and shrubs these selected hybrid varieties of C. vernus provide some of the earliest splashes of colour in the gardening year during February/March.Collection consists 1 pack each of: Gloden Yellow Jeanne d’Arc King of Striped Remembrance

Species Tulips Collection

Species Tulips Collection £17.80
1 pack each of Clusiana chysantha Tubergens x12 bulbsWith its soft red outer petals and a bright canary-yellow interior these elegant tapering tulips are very floriferous and will brighten your garden all spring. Shogun x12 bulbsProducing up to four flowers per stem this ‘Shogun’ combines yellows oranges and streaks of red – like a beautiful sunset. Humilis ‘Persian Pearl’ x24 bulbsThe flowers are vivid and distinctive with magenta rose petals and a buttercup yellow base. Tulip Clusiana Lady Jane x12These pretty ivory white Tulips have bowl shaped flowers with a magenta rose margin ivory white inner petals and a barium yellow base.  

Jersey Daffs Collection

Jersey Daffs Collection £17.75
Save £12 when buying this collection which includes: Soleil D’ Or  St Keverne  Tahiti  Yellow Cheerfulness  Pink Pride  Thats approximately 100 bulbs altogether for just £17.60. That is less that £3.60 per pack!

Boctanical Tulip Collection

Boctanical Tulip Collection £17.40
‘Botanical Tulips’ is the term generally used to describe selections and hybrids of the more important species and it’s the one we like to use too for fosteriana greigii kaufmanniana and praestans Tulips. fosteriana Tulips are perhaps the closest to standard tulips but flowers are more elongated; greigii Tulips are dwarf growing and have attractive striped leaves; kaufmanniana Tulips are also dwarf and have water-lily like flowers; and praestans Tulips are multi-headed. Collection consists of: Buddy Hearts Delight Red Emperor Tubergen’s Variety

Chrysanth Early Outdoor Blooms* BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Chrysanth Early Outdoor Blooms* BUY 2 GET 1 FREE £14.90
With this special offer you’ll get 15 Plants for the price of 10! You can easily grow Florists’ Chrysanthemums yourself!     They can be grown in any border and have lovely large flower-heads. To produce the best and biggest blooms you will need to ‘stop’ the plants (take out the growing tip) and ‘dis-bud’ as the stems grow – full details of how to do this will be sent with your plants.  The varieties are: -Holiday Purple -Allouise Orange -Ja Dank -Alec Bedser -Regal Mist Red.They start blooming in late August/early September


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