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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - July 30th, 2011.
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Dobies added loads of new products

Clingon Clips Pack of 4

Clingon Clips Pack of 4 £4.95
Simple & easy to fit, these hard-wearing, reusable clips instantly create a strong securing point or eyelet on any type of fleece, netting or polythene (as well as tarpaulins, canvas etc) wherever you want – no tools required and no damage to the material. Ideal for gardeners (eg for securing protective covers) and also for campers. They’re compact and durable, and can be repositioned in seconds! Buy 2 packs and SAVE £2.50!

Space Sava Water Butt plus Stand

Space Sava Water Butt plus Stand £43.90
SAVE £5.00!: WATER BUTT – With a capacity of 100 litres (22 gallons), this smart and hard-wearing slimline Water Butt with flat sides will ensure that you make the most of your garden’s rainwater, even if you have limited space. Complete with lid and tap. Height 94cm (37″); width 37cm (15″). 5 Year guarantee & STAND – A safe and easy way to raise your Space Sava water butt to a convenient height to fill watering cans. Height 32cm (12″); diameter 41cm (16″).

Asparagus Knife

Asparagus Knife £12.95
The perfect instrument for cutting asparagus cleanly below ground level. Its 25cm (10″) curving, serrated, ‘sickle’ steel blade will make light work of the task, and the wooden handle fits snugly into your palm. Overall length 40cm (16″).

Brass Water Stop Hose Connector

Brass Water Stop Hose Connector £4.95
These quality solid brass fittings are quick to install, provide superb connections and will give you years of service. Compatible with all popular plastic hose systems. This Water Stop Connector will prevent water from going through the hose when the attachment is removed.

Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel

Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel £79.95
The Rotoroll® is a cleverly designed automatic hose reel which can be pulled out to any length, delivering water equally well whether it is fully out or fully retracted. And there’s no need to wind it back up – the special free-running hose and internal winding mechanism provide faultless recoil every time (with safety guaranteed by a “Soft Block” device that locks the reel instantly in the event of the hose being dropped accidentally). The wall bracket pivots through 180