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Grow your own mushrooms!

by Sarah - August 2nd, 2011.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

Grow Yellow Oyster mushroomI’ve done this and it’s quite easy. You just need to follow the instructions and then you too can be picking your own mushrooms and cooking with them. The kits allow you to grow exotic mushrooms at home which means you can cook with them without it costing you a fortune.

Mixed oyster mushrooms are £9.36/kg at Tesco and their exotic mushroom selection is £12.72/kg.

FREE DELIVERY on EVERYTHING too – whether you buy one kit or more!
Grow your own Mushrooms with these Easy Mushroom Kits!

From only £9.99, these easy to grow Mushroom Kits are a great way to
produce 100% natural, freshly grown, healthy Mushrooms.

From picked to table in less than 10mins, these Mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment
for your meals. An excellent ingredient for a healthy diet and with five different
varieties to choose from there is plenty of choice and flavours.

These Mushrooms are easy and fun to grow, brilliant for children too!

Our Mushroom Kits are supplied in a 3 Litre Kit consisting of a container to
grow the mushrooms, growing material (either compost or substrate depending
on variety) and all you need to grow fresh tasty mushrooms.

White Mushroom Kit, £9.99

Brown mushroom Kit, £9.99

Shitake Mushroom Kit, £9.99

Grey Oyster Mushroom Kit, £9.99

Yellow Oyster Mushroom Kit, £9.99

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